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God who kills billions of babies every decade through miscarriages is the biggest abortionist of all!

Christians say abortion at any stage is murder for the baby is a human being or person from conception.

God is the biggest abortionist of all for most babies are aborted naturally in the womb. We think of natural as that which has no intervention. But intervention is natural so abortion in a clinic by modern medicine is made possible by nature and is natural. If you believe in God then whether you realise it or not you are endorsing abortion as a gift of God.  You are saying, "If you intend to abort go ahead." You try to take responsibility so its the same as if you are commanding or getting God to do it.  God being responsible does not keep you out of the picture. It puts you in as regards your intention. That you are not doing the aborting is not the point. You are saying to God you would do the same as him if you were God for he is so perfect.  You hypocritically worship an abortionist and the father of abortionists.  God is creator which means no sin or person or thing exists without his support and his giving it existence.  He is truly an abortionist.  He aborts us all - though he waits until some of us are old before he strikes.

If God exists he is the biggest abortionist of all for most babies or "babies" are lost naturally by miscarriage and the mother usually does not know. And he asks people not to judge him for it which amounts to saying, "Be a smug smart arse and judge the babies to have been treated correctly but do not judge me. Do not worry about the babies but me."  If God is a man-made idea then there are no words to describe how terrible it is to worship him.  To worship God is to be an abortionist by proxy.  In a sense you are what you worship.

 Why is it good or okay for nature to abort billions of babies currently in the womb and why is it wrong for doctors to perform safe abortions that deal with an early baby that cannot be hurt? Religion answers is that nature is what it is. Please see how callous that answer is.  You are the one saying it should happen as long as no moral agent is doing it.  You are showing what kind of person you are.  You are the agent agreeing it should happen. So is not all about a mechanical random event. Also, the point is that if life begins at conception, abortion is evil for it takes a life and the point is that life is lost not that anybody is responsible. We care that it happens not what does it. If abortion is an evil, or a necessary evil you cannot just say that. You have to prove it. To say God aborts babies for some purpose is just dismissive. Serious matters need serious evidence.  If abortion just happens maybe us making it happen is not really us but some programming?  Maybe whether a doctor aborts or nature one is as much down to forces and not free will as the other.

The Christian God is love and as communication is a mark of love and a part of love then he shows himself in his creation.  So the sun will rise tomorrow?  We see that as a law of nature - as something mechanical.  But what if we see it not as that but as a loving God going to give us the gift of the run rising tomorrow?  God communicates a promise to us.  The bread he gives you that you put in the larder is his promise to feed you.  What if you die before teatime?  He promised to feed you but only as long as you are alive so that is not a problem.  Why are we saying all this?  Because an all knowing God would know why people would look at the incredible number of miscarriages and take it as a message that abortion is acceptable.  He still set up things to give that message so if he exists its intentional.

God cannot blame anybody for reasoning, "If our own cells could just grow into people inside it is obvious that it is our body and we can kill them or go to a doctor to terminate them."  Therefore if abortion is evil then God is evil. 

Catholics who claim to be pro-life have as many abortions as any other group.  Religion is no solution if abortion is immoral.

If faith in God is a placebo and if Christian religion is opiate trying to fight abortion with them is stupid and self-defeating.  If religion is pro-violence and sows violent seeds what would you expect?