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The Church presents Jesus Christ as a role model and an exemplar for us. It says he was God and also a normal vulnerable man. This is stated by the Church in spite of the fact that if you are God then you can hardly be vulnerable like the rest of us for you have the power to get out of any situation. The Church just pretends that it thinks Jesus is God. Its wilful idolatry. The Church would say that the pagans are idolaters even if they say that God and the statue of God are two natures yet one person. So it is idolatrous itself.

It is idolatry when the Church gives you a God who became man to provide an example and when we have to pretend he gave us good example when he did not. If people really thought he did then why is his story in the gospels such a big yawn?

Surely the supreme adoration of a man who is not exceptional as an example and whose moral teaching is irrelevant and over-simplified as a role-model is idolatry? Surely it is worse to adore what cannot really inspire you than to worship a God who cannot hear or see you?

That is what the Catholic Church has given you in Jesus Christ.

The more somebody like Jesus is turned into a figure of supernatural power, they have even made him God, the less interest there is in his teaching. That is why Christians usually sleep during gospel readings, cherry-pick the teachings they want and distort the ones they don’t and suffer from startling religious ignorance.

Crimes of Christ

Jesus was not a very good man never mind Son of God or God. There was nothing exceptional about him.

Jesus was a practicing Jew. He didn't go about christening babies, doing confirmation ceremonies, canonising saints and praying to saints, he didn't about saying Masses. Instead he went to synagogues where the service was very like a Protestant service and he centred on the Old Testament scriptures. The Catholics claim that he is the only role model they really need. But this man was not a Catholic or even like a Catholic! How deluded can people get? Many Catholics hate Jews and other religions so how could they really like Jesus? Do they adore a Jesus they have created in their heads?

Jesus told the Jewish people to live as if the world was about to end. He had no right to do that unless he knew. But he didn't know for the world didn't end.

Jesus admitted he was not good. A man called him good and Jesus said why are you calling me that when nobody is good but God alone? The interpretation that he meant, “Why are you calling me good? I am not good in the way that you understand it but as I am God I am good in the way that God is good” is far-fetched. Can you really imagine the man Jesus was talking to taking that interpretation! Its against the obvious interpretation which is that Jesus was claiming to be as sinful as anybody else.

Jesus supposedly provided wine to a wedding party in Cana who were already drunk. They had drunk to the point where they wouldn’t know bad wine from good.

His mother was annoyed that the wine ran out. It didn’t bother her that at that stage they would have had enough anyway. She said they have no wine. He said, “Woman that has nothing to do with me.” The Church pretends that calling her woman was a term of respect. But it cannot prove that. He refused to help and then he did help. Clearly, he refused to help just because she asked him. Then later he did it. This was to clarify that he was not going to do Mary this favour.

Jesus was racist towards a pagan woman. She wanted him to cure her daughter and he ignored her. Eventually he paid attention to her but only to tell her that it would not be right to take the food of the children and give it to the dogs.

Jesus was very abusive and sectarian towards the Jewish leaders.

Jesus tried to manipulate those who thought that the devil was helping him to cast out demons.

Jesus taught black and white fundamentalist sectarianism. When we look at gospel, John,.

The reason the miracle stories started off was because Jesus did nothing for others. There is no record of him bandaging lepers or collecting food for the poor. The man who waves a hand to instantly heal the sick is not as good of a man who struggles hard to make people better by caring for them like a nurse would.

The argument that he gave his life for us is bizarre. A man who refused to try and avoid capture is an example of a fanatic.


Jesus said that if you judge people harshly he will judge you harshly (Matthew 7:2). A harsh judgement is an abusive judgement – it is not a fair judgement. Jesus is not going to judge you harshly if you have a thousand abortions or if you starve a nation to death. You get a fair judgment. Being excessively judgemental means he will be as harsh and unfair with you.

While still on the topic of judging, Jesus said that you must remove the plank in your own eye before looking at the speck in the eye of another. If I own a company and run it badly and do not pay my employees adequately, I still have the right to judge them to have done wrong when they produce say a letter with misspellings or whatever. If we listen to Jesus we won’t be able to function in life at all. Also, most Catholics would have to leave their jobs to obey him.

Jesus told the pagan woman that he would not help her daughter who was possessed because it was unfair to give his blessings to dogs. The Church makes excuses for this. But that is all they are is excuses and it is degrading to even consider them!!

In Matthew 23 Jesus was extremely abusive to the Jewish leaders. He never told them he was ranting because he loved them. He never called them to repent. On the contrary he told them he couldn't see how they could avoid the damnation of Hell. He told them they were going to Hell. There is nothing about love in the text so nobody has any business lying that he only told them off so severely because he loved them.

Jesus really hated the Jews. Christians say he did not and that he was so severe against them because they were smug and they failed to recognise that they were sinners. But yelling at them and making enemies of them and being severe would only make them worse. He knew that. If he ranted against the Jews so much then he hated them.

Jesus has been a curse for the world. The evil he preached still lives. It is nurtured by most of the sects of Christendom, and Roman Catholicism in particular.

Jesus provided good wine for a wedding party at the stage where they had had so much wine that they would not have known if they had got poor wine (John 2). And this despite the severe condemnations of heavy drinking and drunkenness in the Old Testament. Incredibly, some people pretend that wine means unfermented grape juice!

From page 11, The Resurrection of Jesus, Pinchas Lapide, (SPCK, London, 1984). “By all the reports of Jesus’ actions, he never broke a single commandment; he was neither a blasphemer or a lawbreaker." And “Jesus was utterly true to the Torah, as I myself hope to be. I even suspect that Jesus was more true to the Torah than I, an orthodox Jew.”

What outrageous lies. Lies are told so frequently by the Christian religion that it even has non-Christians lying.

Lapide believed that the resurrection of Jesus does not mean that he was the Messiah. True - but if Jesus said it would prove it then it might. Lapide seems to be suspicious of Jesus' claims though he won't admit it. In his adulation for Jesus, Lapide is only parroting the status quo as many others in our insincere society do.


Is Jesus only respected because his followers are not really followers for they know little about him?

It is odd how Catholics who hate Protestants claim to love Jesus when for all they know the Protestants might be right that he set up their religion and theology. If Jesus was a Protestant or would look on the Protestants as his true followers in doctrine what then?