Gospel of Atheism
1 Salvation by atheism
2 What is self-esteem?
3 Why is self-esteem important?
4 How to love yourself
5 You want to be happy
6 You can be happy
7 To love yourself means loving yourself alone ultimately
Fear is the father of evil
9 Nobody makes you unhappy but you
10 Let happiness come
11 Be easy to please
12 You just need to see your worth
13 Egoism is the way to go!
14 Distracted selfishness is your salvation
15 See that you are not a sinner
16 Be your own person
17 PT 1 Only God you need is you!
17a PT 2 Only God you need is you!
18 You have a will but it is not free in the religious sense
19 There is no free will and we don't really want it
20 Belief in fate is not really that bad
21 Liberation and guilt
22 Forgiveness in the popular sense is a snare!
23 Hatred in a spiritual disguise
24 Probability not possibility is what counts
25 Using reason correctly means protecting yourself correctly
26 There is no God - be your own God
27 Discard the oppressive God belief
28 Belief in God undermines your self-regard
29 Don't condone "God's" often cruel plan
30 Religion is harmful fantasy
31 Prayer is patronising
32 Harm of crediting revelation
33 Miracles are a toxic belief
34 Fast inner transformation for the atheist
35 Don't expect too much
36 Atheism in a positive way
37 Transforming your inner self
38 Feeling that life is meaningful
39 Mature optimism
40 Irresponsibility of the afterlife doctrine
41 Difference between right and wrong
42 Being fair
43 Value on human life
44 Can an egoist be a martyr for others?
45 Animal rights
46 Ways of being complicit in society's evil
47 Lying and stealing
48 Gossip is a plague
49 Need for social regulation
50 Proper relationship of church and state
51 Value of education
52 Evils of marriage
53 How to have a happy love life
54 Erotica is harmless and to be enjoyed
55 Overview, pillars of atheism
55a Essentials of atheism
56 About Humanism
57 Humanism is not a religion
58 Atheists here are the rules if you want them!
59 Being an atheist in a religious world
60 Making friends for humanist atheism
61 Spread the good news of atheistic humanism
62 End goal of atheistic humanism
63 Theorems of atheistic humanism


The purpose of meditation is to gain inner peace. Many are into prayer for the same reason but that is an abuse of prayer which is supposed to be for opening yourself up to God so that you submit to his will for you be it bad or good. Prayer cannot be for inner peace when it demands that you consent to whatever torments God thinks you need. It is the meditation aspect of prayer that helps people not prayer itself.

Humanists will teach meditation and may charge for it when they are satisfactorily trained.

To have success the following guidelines must be adhered to. Meditation must help lift any sense of guilt for guilt is the opposite of inner tranquillity. To do that the free will hypothesis has to be demolished. The practitioner of meditation has to meditate on thoughts that help dispel the illusion that we have free will. Relaxing music will be playing slowly in the background and the practitioner will be in a position that prevents falling asleep. The lotus position is a time-honoured one. The obliteration of the free will millstone is the first step and it is indispensable and success will be decimated if the meditation does not start with it.

The next sessions must cover each of the Twelve Principles of Self-love or perhaps the Thirteenth Theorems in order. Each session could concentrate on one principle so that it will sink in best. Once the practitioner has grasped the principle and thought about how it applies to him or her the meditation session can begin. He or she picks out a line or phrase that encapsulates the principle and reminds him or her of it and uses that as a mantra while relaxing music or sounds are being played. Some people may prefer to have no music but to have some kind of visual stimulus. As long as the end of relaxation, joined by inner peace and a mind freed from clutter, is achieved it does not matter how it is done. The practitioner must not try to have no thoughts at all but to just observe what thoughts come into the head passively which produces a sensation of invulnerability and tranquillity. The lessons must also try to extract belief in God to free its victims from it for God has to decrease so that psychological balance may increase.

The objective is that the practitioner will learn from the lessons and be able to integrate meditation into her or his daily life and carry the peace in her or his heart all day every day afterwards. It is something that has to be maintained all the time to have far-reaching value and to combat stress. It is always the way people are made to feel good that attracts converts not the message. It is when they are made happy that the teaching starts to be significantly absorbed. That is why giving people a sense of well-being through the teaching is the only way to spread humanism.

A counselling service must be set up that helps people derive the best out of Humanism. Access to counsellors must be easy.
Try and use the same technique for getting into a meditative state all the time for then when you mind is used to it you will get into a peaceful dreamy state of mind far more easily and quickly.
Meditation is an activity that can give you everything that religion promises to meditate and abandon religion. Meditating daily for ten minutes in the morning and in the evening does wonders.
Use Zen Buddhist koans to raise your mind to a higher level of consciousness that makes you feel like you have reached Heaven and have nothing to fear ever again. The well-known koan, Hear the sound of one hand clapping” is a good one to use. What you are trying to do is not reconcile the contradiction but get the mind to slip into a state of awareness and incredible ecstasy in which you feel everything is perfect and this life-changing feeling of bliss makes you feel you tasted eternity. You will feel that even when you are dead that the moment still exists for you so it gets rid of the fear of death. It is only decent that we should get meaning from experiences in this life rather than hoping for some Heaven that we might never get. If the experience is not real that does not matter as long as it makes us happier. It gives us hope no matter how bad things get that ecstasy is possible. As long as we get the feeling that life is worth it even for that few moments of bliss we will be okay. Zen techniques are meant to help you without God. Your subconscious prefers you to find meaning in this world for it is not as sure it will survive death as that it will live as long as the body does so the Zen methods are a necessity for living a life untainted by vice and evil.
Meditate by relaxing and simply being aware of your breath slowly entering you and leaving you. Imagine that you are inhaling energy that causes you to feel like smiling. Let it fill your body. Do this exercise and enjoy it. Get into the habit that when something stressful happens that you won’t let it get to you for it will end for you have your meditation and relaxation to look forward to.
Do not try to stop all thoughts by meditating. You can’t do that. All you can do is make the thoughts pass through your mind slowly and you observe them passively but do not cause them or let them arrest your attention.



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