The Christians have a book called the Bible which is supposed to be the word of God, in other words, it was authored by God through men. It consists of the Old and New Testaments. True Christians teach that the Bible is infallible for God can't make mistakes.
If you are allowed to doubt and question and have faith only when it suits you there would be no need for Churches and Bibles - indeed it would be wrong to support them for they cause hurt and division - eg Roman Catholicism not allowing Protestants to receive communion. The Church and the Bible claim that the person who doubts or picks and chooses what he or she likes out of them and discards the rest is sinning and is calling God a liar. The fact that the person might not be doing that but merely thinking that the teachings the Church and the Bible says are God's might not be God's at all is dishonestly ignored. The person who faced with the prospect of doubting God's revelations and calling God a liar could simply change the reason for doubting. He could doubt that the messages are really God's. Then he has a free rein to doubt! Hinduism and Buddhism have no problem with doubt. It is only bigoted arrogant faiths such as Christianity and Islam and Judaism and Mormonism that do.
They are forced to admit that the Bible contains parts which are unclear. There are far more interpretations of the Bible among Christians than there are religious sects. This is because of the lack of clarity. The Christians have books in defence of the Christian lie that there is no error in the Bible but say some passages are obscure. One of them is When Critics Ask, (Norman Geisler and Thomas Howe, Victor Books, Illinois ,1992) which admits that there are unclear parts in the Bible (page 18, 40). Yet these books try to make out that there are no errors in the Bible. The authors only admit the obscurity for they are forced to and will look stupid or deceitful if they don't admit it. But lack of clarity proves that the Bible makes errors for lack of clarity is an error. It is just as serious as a contradiction. A contradiction says one thing and says the other as well. So it tells you nothing. So does lack of clarity. Christians have been told this for centuries and they refuse to hear. Also, if the Bible contradicts itself about say when Jesus did something it proves that it is accusing God of making a mistake. It is doing that just as much if there is a lack of clarity. Lack of clarity contradicts the Bible claim that God does not make mistakes or that God is almighty and all-knowing. Contradiction in the Bible does that too. Lack of clarity proves the Bible is not the word of God.


The Bible is supposed of speak of three, Father and Son and Holy Spirit and yet it says there is only one God. That is hardly clarity and is a possible contradiction. The Christians speculate it means there is one it as regards God and three whos or three persons in one God which may make no sense for they admit that they don't understand this.
It says a lot about Christians when they don't see the Bible saying that God commanded the Jews to stone adulterous people to death as in capital punishment, commanding Jesus to accept crucifixion and a degrading death, saying people deserve to suffer for all eternity in Hell and the Bible declaration that doubting God's word is the ultimate sin as errors. That is heartless. No truly good person pretends that these are not errors and that the Bible saying Abraham did such and such and then saying the opposite would be an error!
The Bible advocates racism by having God say that Israel and the Hebrew race were above all races.
The Bible says that God hates people who sin. In Deuteronomy 28:63 we read, "And as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you good and to multiply you, so the Lord will rejoice to bring ruin upon you and destroy you". "An Ammonite or a Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to their tenth generation their descendants shall not enter into the assembly of the Lord forever" (Deuteronomy 23:3). There is no way the Christians can pretend, "The Bible just says God's hates sinners when it means he hates their sin - that was the way things were spoken and written in the Hebrew tongue." But even if they had a point it could still mean he hates sinners not just sins. But there is no way their excuse can work for the verses quoted. They leave you in no doubt that God hates sinners.
Jesus Christ said that if your eye leads you to sin - in relation to looking at a woman with lust or sexual desire - you must gouge it out for it is better to go into the Kingdom of Heaven with one eye than to be condemned to punishment with two. He meant you must do whatever it takes to avoid sin. Theologians say the gouging was just poetic and not literal for Jesus didn't make his randy apostles gouge out their eyes. But he certainly thought that it was better to go insane and gouge than to be sane and look at the woman and sin. The Christian religion says that sin is the cause of all evil so it is the biggest evil of all. Non-religious people and most of the religions in the world deny this. It is more human to be repulsed at human suffering more than human sin.
Jesus said you can't judge anybody or condemn their sin if you have sin yourself and must take care of your own sin before you highlight anybody else's. So if the local gossip interferes when you argue with your wife you can't tell her it is none of her business. Society can't function with the nonsense that Jesus Christ spouted.


Don't validate such scriptures by attending Church!  They are worth one thing only and that is criticism.


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