Despite endless apparitions numbering thousands, and despite some of the visionaries having daily visions for decades, the vision at Medjugorje has NEVER condemned abortion nor does she treat it as an important issue and most telling of all she never says the person gets the inviolable right to life at conception.

On March 3,1990 Our Lady gave this message to Mirjana for herself and the visionaries and for everybody else involved:

"Dear children, this evening I call you in a special way to pray for all unborn children. Pray especially for the mothers who consciously kill their children. Dear children, I am sad because many children are being killed. Pray that there will be as few as possible of these mothers, and as few as possible of these cases in the world."  

That message holds no difficulty for pro-choice people. It is careful not to say that abortion is always wrong though it does see it as regrettable. The hope that there will be fewer cases as possible implies that abortion is okay or a necessary evil in strict circumstances. It is not a condemnation of abortion as a forbidden sin. It leaves it up to the mother.

The book Vicka her Story states how Vicka is clear that the vision never ever hinted that contraception was a sin. A real vision from Heaven that believed the Catholic faith would at least condemn the pill when it works as an abortificient.

Once the following was said to Vicka, "Abortion is a big problem in the world today. Have you talked with Our Lady about that?"

She answered, "Once Our Lady told me that the persons who do an abortion commit a grave sin. The children killed that way are little angels for whose death the persons who have done it are responsible.  One should put oneself the question how many people get killed in war, and how many in a mother's womb. Those killed in war are mourned, but children just conceived as though they were not human. There is no difference whether one is killed in war or in an abortion. The responsibility is equal. But man's conscience seems to have failed completely."

Comment: Why are we not given the message in context?  Why did Mary only condemn abortion once?  Why does Mary err and say that the babies become angels to those who kill it?  Catholic teaching is that babies cannot become angels.  Again there is nothing about the unborn child being a person with full rights to live from conception.  Why is the message only mentioned now?  Why are there mediumistic spiritualistic overtones such as babies guiding their killers?

Mary appears to Vicka every day.  Vicka seems to have deep chats and keeps friends and family and herself out of it. She says that she does not speak with “Our Lady of everyday things, like people's problems or my personal issues, I prefer to avoid these discourses. See Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic, Maria mi parla. La mia storia, Piemme, Milan 2014, p. 55. She says, “I never ask her questions for myself. It would be too easy for me to have Our Lady saying: ‘Do this, do that’.” See Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic, A Medjugorje con Maria. I segreti che la Madonna mi ha affidato, Piemme, Milan 2015, p. 152.

Ivan may say that he keeps his daily chats with Mary about issues that are personal to him such as his family but surely abortion had to come up!  Leaving aside the oddity of Mary being his agony aunt and not Vicka's, what does he actually claim?  "Our Lady talks to me of some personal matters and gives me advice on what to do. - The messages are for me and my family."  [Livio Fanzaga, Gianni Sgreva, I messaggi della Regina della Pace, Shalom, Camerata Picena 2010, p. 115].  If Ivan is learning holiness from Mary's talks why is he not sharing them with us?  She must be saying nothing against abortion!  Is she saying abortion is okay?

Vicka has claimed Mary never mentioned contraception being a sin.  Why is Mary talking to her and not telling her abortion and same sex marriage are wrong?  What are they talking about anyway if not religious and ethical matters?

The following alleged message seems to be not really from the apparition at all: "Upon conception, God puts a soul into the fetus. God does not blame the innocent baby for being killed, and the undeveloped soul goes to heaven as a little angel. The people involved in making the decision, will be held responsible for their action."  If it is really an undeveloped soul then is abortion that bad?

The apparition is too politically correct to be truly Catholic.  The virgin is very coy about the subject of abortion though it is core Catholic doctrine that abortion is a grave evil and leads to a child being sent unbaptised into the next world.

Fast forward to 2018...

Question: What does Our Lady say on the abortion issue? What do you feel? Do women confide in you about this issue?

Mirjana: "I wouldn’t like to judge anyone; never. Why a woman had an abortion and what life experience she was going through at that time, only she knows. Generally, I don’t like judgments. I don’t like judging anyone, because I don’t know what goes through the mind of a person and why he has done something. When I was in Sarajevo and went to the high school that I talked to you about, which gathered all those who had been expelled from other schools, many girls had an abortion very easily. Then they came to school in the afternoon and spoke, and were at the concert which was held in the evening. To me it was unthinkable! I was very sad about that situation. I cannot say that I was totally shocked, but to a certain extent I was, because I couldn’t understand that a woman could kill an innocent child within herself, speak calmly and then go a concert in the evening."

Comment: She IS judging!  She says the women aborted easily and were able to party within hours!  Even many pro-choice people believe in condemning women who trivialise abortion!  She says the woman killed an innocent child!  Only hypocrites say they assess somebody as a murderer and don't judge.  Everybody judges.

Mirjana: "Once I plucked up my courage and, during an apparition, I asked Our Lady why these children could not go to Heaven; why they had to suffer and be killed if they were innocent. They hadn’t chosen it. I said all sorts of things. Then Our Lady said to me maternally and seriously: 'No, these children are with me. There is no limbo. They are with me. Their parents will have to account for their sin of abortion.' That’s what Our Lady told me. Here in Medjugorje, I had the opportunity to meet women who had an abortion and the majority of them – I’d say 95 percent of them – repented. They regretted what they did. It is a sincere regret which really comes from their heart. These women are broken. I always recommend that they be honest in their confession, go to a priest, kneel down before God and express their regret. I think that afterwards they all feel better or at least that is what they have told me."

Comment: Mirjana must find Mary very reluctant to condemn abortion when she needed courage to ask her about it!

Interesting percentage!  Few women see anything wrong with having had an abortion.  Why are we getting that message now in 2018 about there being no limbo?  Why is Mirjana holding back messages?

Mirjana completely forgets that the subject was discussed before.  In 2010 she said she was told by Mary, ""Abortion is a great sin, for it is killing a human being. God who is good forgives all the sins, but for this sin in particular He asks a great penance from the father and the mother of the child."  Maybe the subject was not mentioned before and if so then it looks like Mirjana lied.  Pro-choice people sometimes understand abortion to be murder only at a certain stage and the vision is careful only to condemn abortion WHEN it is the killing of a person.  Pro-choice people have no major problem with the statement.

Question: Certain women say it’s their body, so they have a right to decide whatever they want about it.

Mirjana: "I don’t agree with that. Of course I wouldn’t say I’m right. This is just how I see, but I disagree. If another life grows in my body, I can not say that that’s my body and that I have a right to decide whatever I want about it. It’s someone else’s life. God created a new man or a new woman. You cannot decide that the child will not live. God created it in your body, but not for you to represent God and decide whether it will live or not."

Comment: She is careful to present her answer as a mere opinion!  At least, she is admitting that either the Virgin did not condemn abortion for she never spoke to her or that the Virgin was not condemning all abortions.  Notice how she never says the Virgin said all abortions were wrong!  She is very confused about whether she is sure or not that abortion is wrong.

Question: Do you think God forgives such a sin?

Mirjana: "I cannot say whether or not God will forgive it; only God knows. However, we know that Jesus said that what the priest forgives us, will be forgiven. I believe in what He says. Seeing God as a Father, as our Heavenly Father, if you present yourself before Him kneeling and crying from your heart for the sin that you have committed and the remorse you feel, I don’t think that a priest will turn his back on you. I don’t think so."

Comment: She forgets that she does not judge abortion and now she says God may not forgive it but then decides that he will if you go to the priest.

The year after the apparitions started Mirjana claimed that Mary appeared and told her that abortion can be forgiven yes but anybody involved including the mother or anybody who procured it they have to do penance all their lives.  This contradicts Catholic doctrine that you can get out of penance by loving God properly and getting a plenary indulgence.  And why is abortion being singled out?



Michael Voris, "Having allegedly appeared every day now for over 30 years…In all those appearances (more than 12,000) ["Mary"] has never, ever — not once — breathed a word about the worldwide slaughter of over one billion children in the womb. She has never said a word about the evil of sodomy and it's quickly growing acceptance by even many Catholics."  Well said!  It is odd she hardly mentions the subject and Mirjana in 2018 clearly shows that it was never mentioned which is why she has to fib and say it was and even then the virgin is not firm and we have no proper context for what she meant.  Prayer is supposed to express what is in the heart so believers would pray that there will be no abortion but instead at Medjugorje the Virgin wants to pray for less abortion!


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