Human life is the most important thing there is. We all agree with making people happy. That means people are more important than happiness which is the best thing possible so people are most important. To say that God is the most important is to put a belief before life which is reprehensible and why we say that if religion does good it does it in spite of itself.
To believe an embryo in the early stages is a person is stupid. An adult dog will have more consciousness than an early human embryo and we abort such dogs! Abortion is fine but only as early as possible. When the foetus develops enough it will have a brain that can register pain. Abortion after that is only justified by a serious threat to the life of the mother. Abortion on demand must be allowed as early as possible and encouraged for women who don’t want unwanted babies so that abortion does not become murderous at a later stage.
Capital punishment is always wrong for because the human person is more valuable than anything else it is wrong to take life.
People must make up their own minds about euthanasia. Is it a tolerable evil that should only be allowed to happen under strict conditions? But bear in mind that the opponents allowing patients to take drugs that kill them as long as the drugs take pain away is euthanasia because if life comes first then it should be prolonged forever.
Eating the meat of the animals like cows and pigs that have enough brain matter to be conscious is wrong. To be safe it is best to stick to prawns and fish. Meat often is murder.


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