Religious people say that evil is just the abuse of good is not real. That helps them deny that God made evil.


Let us try their logic in relation to belief in God and atheism. The atheism we mean is rejection of the existence of God - the belief that God is nonsense.


Is belief in God a positive thing? Is atheism simply the absence of belief? Is belief in God a power and unbelief not a power but just an abuse of belief?

The suggestion is insane. Atheism is a belief and it is patronising to atheists to say that atheism is an abuse of belief in God! Bullies tell you what is in your heart and mind and it is not their place to. Bullies also degrade your views by making out they are worthless. To say belief in God is something and belief in atheism is nothing is dehumanising atheists. The bullying that is going on here is the worst for it treats your atheism as a non-thing. It cannot do that without implying that you in some sense are a non-thing as well. Your views come from you and show facets of your personhood. To insult John's homework is to insult the creator of the homework - John!


Belief in God is actually disbelief in all other gods and magic. It is the absence of other beliefs. Why say belief in God is a positive thing when it is the absence of other beliefs? Why not say that all beliefs are real beliefs? (I mean they are beliefs as far as intention goes not that they are all correct).
Suppose error is the mere abuse of truth or the absence of truth. If belief in God alone is good then it follows that any other contrary belief is just the absence of belief in God. Belief in God sets the standard. In other words, it is evil not to believe in God and the stronger your faith in his existence and in him the better. Everybody who is not a believer in God then is evil. Everybody who is a believer but who does not believe strongly enough is evil up to a point but not as bad as an atheist.

If God is perfect as Christianity says then it follows that all doubt or disbelief in relation to God is evil. It is the worst evil of all for it refuses to acknowledge and adore the supreme good which is God. Also one's belief needs to be as strong as possible for in so far as one's belief is not full there is doubt.

Unbelief is the absence of faith but it is not just that. Religion says it is just that. However unbelief is a power of its own too.


God by definition is all that matters. So belief in him is of supreme value . To stress belief in God so much is insulting. Unbelief in yourself and your value is the root of all evil. For example, if you believe in your power to be happy you will not be misguidedly trying to be happy through robbing banks and hurting people. Unbelief in yourself is the essence of evil as well. Therefore it makes no sense to say that God did not make evil for evil is just the absence of good.


If he is creator, he creates our unbelief and the way we see things. He makes the emotions that incline us to harm others.

If evil is the absence of God, then evil is also the absence of faith in God. This implies that the atheist is to be seen as evil by default. He is the worst creature imaginable. His goodness is that of a wolf in the clothing of a sheep. His heart is full of dark intent. The believer who has a mustard seed of faith is being treated as rubbish compared to the holy and saintly pope simply because the pope is a convinced believer in God.

All those logical outcomes of the notion "God does not make evil for only good is real and evil is the misuse of good" show that God is a pile of nonsense and deceives you by posing as a good and healthy and wise belief. 


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