Religion says that if you admit the universe was created and you deny God you are calling the universe an accident. But creation out of nothing or not from anything is magic. God uses nothing to do it meaning he is not using power or converting anything.  He is not spending any energy on it for religion says that whether he creates or not, it is irrelevant as far as his power is concerned. So creation is not making but magic. He tells the creation to exist and it does.

Smart sounding religionists say that if we think that is magic then fine. They say magic implies a magician. Actually it does not. A witch cannot use power to turn a toad into a dinosaur unless the power exists whether she uses it or not or exists or not.  The power can work without her.  Creation at most would give you magic but not a God.  And the religious doctrine that God didn't need to be made but always existed would be under threat.  If magic is the real power not God then it made God and God is not really much of a God.

Richard Dawkins is said to be short sighted in thinking that how things work by themselves rules out God. We are told that the question that needs answering is why the thing exists at all.  It is not an answer as we have seen but a pile of occult and superstitious obsfucation.  They say that God can set things up to improve themselves and it might seem as if they are really doing it without him. But why are they set up to look as if they are doing it themselves? Commonsense says that unless we have solid evidence, we should just use the evidence of our eyes. We should assume until we have proof that they really are working on their own.

What if God set things to make themselves so that we would not see he did it? If he is hiding then he will not mind us assuming they don’t need his input. He wants us to assume that. An intelligent creator who does not love anybody but is more like some kind of non-personal being is not a God. If it is short sighted to rule this God out as any kind of a reality, this still does not tell us we can put a loving God on the menu.  It tells us not to take that notion seriously.

Religion says miracles are God bringing things out of nothing or sending something back into nothing. For example, when a tumour vanishes in a healing it’s the reverse of creation, something becomes nothing. This idea is incoherent and miracles do not prove a God for this reason.

Religion says there should be nothing only nothing. But there is something. Miracles give us serious problems. They imply that everything is supernatural. What we call natural is not natural at all. If an acorn exists when there should be nothing then the acorn must be a miracle. Oddly religion will ignore you if you say grains of sand appeared on your table miraculously.  Religion does not really respect or care about miracles - it only uses some claimed miracles to booster its own power and influence.  The sand materialising in front of you is a boring miracle but a bigger one than Jesus rising from the dead when nobody saw the body returning to life or sees Jesus today.

Miracle and magic are one and the same thing. The religious idea that a dead man can be turned into a live one is no better than princes being turned into frogs. It is just religious bias that makes people pretend there is a difference.

The creation doctrine implies that there is magic and this magic is greater than God. Creation implies that he can't make creation himself but has to invoke magic to do it. This implies that God is not really a God and can be controlled by the magic. If the magic can make things out of nothing then surely it can be used to control God!

God made so many unnecessary things. It follows then that if he produced them by miracle we have overwhelming evidence that when Johnny says a miracle put the loaf in his larder he is probably telling the truth. The idea of creation as a miracle leads to so much nonsense.


The idea that God does not use his power to create but simply commands something to exist implies that the created thing may have appeared with God's consent but it didn't need it. Telling something to exist is magic pure and simple for there is no reason that should work. It is doing nothing with nothing for commanding something to exist is not causing it to exist. There is no cause and effect there only magic. Also to command something to exist is not to make/create it. Commanding alone cannot make anything unless power is provided to make the command happen. No power went out from God so God was not the cause of the creation even though he commanded it. Just because God told the universe to exist and magic caused it to exist that does not mean it did it because he said so.  GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD: IF CREATION IS TRUE AND IF THERE IS A GOD THEN THE UNIVERSE COULD STILL BE AN ACCIDENT OR COINCIDENCE OR LUCK!!!

Religion uses emotional blackmail.  It says that nothing really matters if all things come from an accident.  It lies that the God theory dodges this supposedly awful and impermissible deduction.  The threats are successful but we need to see they are just threats and not let our minds be twisted over fear.  Only lies need threats.

The doctrine of creation does not require God at all! The doctrine is replete with contradictions and nonsense.  It makes God subject to magic and magic is what really is behind all creation.  Ironically the Bible God condemns magic and bans anybody from saying it is real.  But this infinite magic is the biggest violation of his commandment imaginable.


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