Advertising and Religion's Miracle Cure claims

Most God religions do not claim they can draw upon divine power to heal. Some faiths were censured by the law for saying they can heal.
God religions however all hold however that God can cure anything. To ban this claim would be to ban God religion!
Faith in God’s power can make sick people think they feel better or remove illusions that make them feel worse than what they are. Through the placebo effect, they may actually improve. Or they may simply feel they have improved though they have not.
Advertising is full of stupid and far-fetched claims and nobody wants the advertisers censored - unless they have gone too far. Some say that religion is neither provable or disprovable so we should let it advertise its power to heal cancer even if there is no evidence that it really can heal. Some say that people need to be protected against lies. And especially lies like that.
Christianity holds that the spirit or soul comes first. The catechism says you must take more care of the soul than the body. That is to say that healing yourself by prayer and fasting and service to God is the ultimate therapy. But religion likes to tiptoe away from that though it follows from its doctrine. It knows its therapy is quackery.
Quackery like that only paves the way for the snake oil merchants.


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