This is a study of the book, The Evidence for Alien Abductions by John Rimmer.

The book says that America probably has 80 per cent of all abduction stories. One wonders what could be so special about America.

In the Alan Godfrey abduction case, the victim said that the aliens appeared to communicate by whistling to one another while they were probing him (page 17). How such advanced creatures would be using such an ineffectual and awkward method of communication shows that something is amiss here.

And why does the horror suddenly finish with Godfrey being back in his car when the robots try to get his shoes and socks off (page 18)? The robots must have been trying to pull off the socks with the shoes. They were doing something wrong when they had to struggle. Did the robots not know to untie the laces or to slip the shoes off? This is more like a dream than a real event. Why would they have been instructed to wait until the man was back in the car? This silliness is what is normal in dreams.

We learn that on page 19 that the real names of the victims of alien abduction are now confidential. That makes lying easier for the alleged abductees.

In the 1974 Avis abduction (The Aveley Abduction) case, the victims had three hours missing time but they had bizarre dreams about strange creatures afterwards which could have confused them subconsciously about what really happened in that time.

Hypnotic regression revealed that they had been abducted by aliens. But hypnosis does not prevent lying or fantasy or confusion. The dreams could have caused false memories and when you are dreaming you think it is real when it is happening.

However, the book says that a skilled hypnotist will use questions that avoid triggering the mind to delude itself (page 21). But this is impossible to practice to perfection. For example, the question, “Did you see anything before you left the car”, will prompt the person to say that they saw something strange for they will not wish to say that they left the car for nothing or to go back on their original story.

Do you really think that aliens would have given John Avis a tour of the spaceship when he would need hypnosis to recall what he seen? (page 22). Why give a tour when you are going to wipe the person’s memory of it? If the aliens didn’t want him to remember why didn’t they change his memories so that even hypnosis could not determine what actually took place?

Elaine was told to touch a spherical glowing bulb which a creature told her was the seed of life. This opportunity was a gift for Elaine and her children and all the earthlings. This is complete rubbish. The only meaning, the only significance, it can have is that Elaine was to be the source of eternal life for all because she touched that object.

In the Bebedouro abduction case, the victim Jose Antonio da Silva was kidnapped by aliens when he was fishing in 1969. There were four male human corpses in the spaceship. What would aliens want corpses for? He said he was asked to spy for them for three years and that he would be taken away for seven years to study with them. And at the end of that, they would land with him on earth and stop hiding. He refused and they let him go. First aliens need no spies and can do a better job at getting the information they need than a man can. Secondly, this contradicts more credible accounts in which the aliens can control their victims.

Four days after the abduction, he was dropped off 200 miles away from where he was fishing. He could have travelled all that in less than one day so why didn’t they dump him on the other side of the world or something? They must have done this strange thing so that it would be evidence for his story so they would have dumped him on the other side of the world if his story were true. Do they not know how to be convincing?

Pages 52-53, tells us about the abduction rumours of Orleans in 1969. The rumour was about young women being kidnapped in boutiques and sold as slaves far away. The gossip resulted in a huge uproar even though the truth was that no women had gone missing at all. When this emerged, many concluded that a cover-up was happening!

Most abductions by aliens are of drivers who are out at night in their cars (page 57). The senses are not as reliable or alert when it is too late. Darkness and a long day can take their toll.

We are told that the Pascagoula Case in which two fishermen were abducted was denounced as a hoax by James Oberg for one of the men had allegedly refused to take part in a polygraph test which was carefully and independently controlled and tried to get a book or film made about it. Rimmer says this case is no good as evidence (page 60).

The abductee, Betty Andreasson in 1967 claimed that she heard God speaking on the spaceship (page 71). As if God could speak when he does not exist!

Two pieces of antennae from the Harry Joe Turner case in Virginia 1979 are admitted by the book to have been no proof that something out of this world took place (page 76).

The Wisconsin man, Joe Simonton, got an alien pancake in 1961 which was found to be the same as any other pancake (page 79). When it tasted like cardboard it could not have been baked in an extra-terrestrial oven for super-science could do better than that.

It is good that we are told that when animals seem to react to strange events like UFOs appearing and stuff that their terror could be picked up from sensing that fear in the people who are with them (page 82).

Page 110 says that when abductees cannot remember anything their memory can be triggered by hypnosis. Then, how can one be sure that it is memory when one is gripped by fear and excitement?

Some people became imaginary abductees by being asked questions to get them to use their imaginations to form an unprompted story of experiencing an alien abduction for the purpose of an experiment in Southern California. The imaginary abductees came out with much the same stuff as the “real” ones (page 114). All the essentials were there. That was why the “real” experience was thought to be an illusion caused by the memory of being born. The logic was that the pattern of events in many abduction cases is the same for victims born by caesarean section. For example, people born the latter way went into and came out of spaceships suddenly. Usually, they would think they were thrown out. Those who were born normally would leave the ship through a tube or something reminiscent of a vagina. Evidence for the explanation lies in the fact that the aliens often look like unborn babies. The book says that there are in fact some differences (page 117). But these can be explained by the way memory alters over time.

This would entail gaps in the memories of the birth being filled in by later information when the person gets old enough to learn. A new baby would not know what a foetus looks like.

The case against the psychological explanation is that the kidnappings are similar to many silly fairy stories. That it is not the fact that some areas are open to the notion of abductions happening which makes some minds delude themselves or conditions them to have such experiences though the fact that they are reported often only in those areas is due to better acceptance and means of communication. The Birth Trauma Hypothesis is unproved.

Page 145, we are told that when independent alleged abductees have had similar experiences in all the details there must be something in their claims. But you have to be taken into the spaceship to be kidnapped, it has to be bright, you have to meet weird creatures in it, you must have been taken aboard for a reason which could only have been for a medical explanation or experiment – there is no need for spaceman to kidnap a person to give a message and so the medical explanation though silly is the pick of the bunch, you have found this frightening and confusing, and you must have been released and put back in the car or whatever you were taken from. So there. What can one expect but similarities?


Remember that the strongest evidence is what has the most say. We know that despite the eyewitness testimonies and the evidence for an alien spaceship crashing near Roswell New Mexico with alien bodies lying outside it in the 1940’s that it is untrue. It’s untrue simply because aliens who build spaceships with super-scientific powers would have invincible spaceships and have transport rays to rescue any flying saucer that did crash. When the aliens hide so much they would prevent anybody getting to the wreckage and removing it before they did. The crash would have been an accident and aliens who hide so much wouldn’t want their accidents to be discovered. They would ensure that accidents wouldn’t happen or would soon be cleared up. They have the technology.

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