A Catechism - refuting the Errors of Modernist Rome

The Pope

Why is the pope the rock the Church is built on?

The pope is the rock because he is the supreme teacher of the Church, so he must enjoy personal infallibility. The pope can get others to run the Church for him. The pope is both rock and part of the Church.  Therefore the Church will always exist as long as there is a pope even should everyone else turn completely over to the Devil.


How can you prove that the pope is the lawful emperor of the world?

Nothing is more important than truth and being holy. The pope is the chief overseer of these and since the state is less important than truth and holiness and therefore God the state is subject to the Roman Pontiff and the Holy Catholic Church. The state gets its authority from God and has no right to divert from his path for God is goodness itself.  The Church is the work of God on earth and therefore the state should never legislate contrary to the will of the Church for whoever obeys the Church obeys God.

Who chooses the pope?

The Holy Spirit chooses the pope by agreeing to accept whoever the cardinals choose. If they fake the election the acceptance of the Church validates the new pope as a real pope for Christ promised that the Church would never be fooled by having a false rock.

Against Human Centred Religion

What is the greatest commandment?

To love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind.

What does this commandment mean?

That we live only for God, that he will be everything to us. 

What is wrong with the Modernist teaching that this commandment means we must put God first in all things.?

Putting God first does not mean you love him with all your heart.  It only means you give him more love than anybody else.  It looks like the commandment but actually it contradicts it and repudiates it.

Why do they repudiate the clear teaching that all our love without reserve or limit must be granted only to God?

They say I cannot love others or myself unless I love goodness and God is goodness.  But Jesus says we love God not goodness.  God is goodness but that does not mean that to love goodness is to love God.  If it did we would have to say atheists actually love God!


What is their favourite commandment?

Love your neighbour as yourself . They do not understand that as Christ said the greatest commandment was to love God alone and obey him that we are to love our neighbour and self to please him.  He indicated that strictly speaking we love only God.  We help others only because it is the will of God.


That I must love God more than myself.

What is the most dangerous heresy of all?

To deny that God alone should be loved.  It is more extreme than the hardened hearts of the Pharisees who refused to confess that Our Lord's exorcisms showed the power of God.  Like them, the Modernists feel happy in their sin and fail to see it as a sin anymore.  But sin it is and they are almost guaranteed damnation.  But let us hope in the power of God to soften hearts.

What is just as dangerous as accepting this heresy?

Failing to speak out against it.  Failing to emphasise above all things that God must be loved in all things.

Why are those who do not believe in God evil and why is nothing they do to be praised?

Because there is nothing nobler than to love the being who is perfect love. And they refuse to love that much and they give bad example causing others to fall in this thing.

But what if there is no God?

Even then it is a virtue to love for if there is no God there should be one.

Does this commandment forbid theological liberalism?

The liberal questions parts of the word of God. We cannot love God unless we know him and we can only know him in his word given in scripture and to the Catholic Church so we most eschew all traces of liberalism. Liberalism is a very grave sin.

What other commandment forbids theological liberalism where people say they are Catholics but reject one or more Catholic doctrines they disagree with?

The teaching of the apostle James who said that if we break the law of God in one thing we break it in all.  To reject one Catholic doctrine is to say that the authority of God is unreliable so you would only be fooling yourself that you believe the rest.

What is individualism?

The error that we are not part of God's family and so can do our own individual thing.

Refute individualism.

It is the business of everyone in the Church what we do.  It is our job to be God's hands on earth and his rights come before our rights or anyone else's.  You are not your own property but God's.  If you are fornicating people have the right to tell you to use yourself as God will's and not to be committing such sin.  Also, committing serious sinner insults everybody by choosing everlasting Hell to being with them in Heaven so they should be offended and complain.  The apostle spoke of the Church as the body of Christ with Christ as the brain and us as the body parts such as hands and feet.

Are we permitted to judge others?

Yes.  Christ said we can but we must look at ourselves first and be fair in our judging.  Judging is to declare yourself or another bad or sinful.

Should we love the sinner and hate the sin?

It means we love the person in so far as he is a child of God but hate him in so far as he is a sinner.  A sin is not a thing but describes what kind of person the sinner is.  Because venial sinners have more good in them than bad we will love them more than hate them.

Are mortal sinners capable of good?

Only if they repent.  Jesus desxcribed the Pharisees of his day though respectable as full of sin and hypcirsy.  He was declarign their goodnesss to be superfial.  The mortl sinner does good not because Gdo wants it but becaue he wants it. 


Is democracy a sin?


What if psychiatrists and psychologists tell us things about human nature that do not match the teaching of the Church?

They only listen to what their patients tell them.  God gave us his word in Tradition and the Bible to tell us what he sees.  He knows us better than ourselves.  We must refuse to believe any research that claims for example that our religion is dangerous (we know all religion is dangerous except the one true Church of Jesus Christ) or that homosexuals genuinely can love one another as husband and wife do.


What do you say to those who claim that your childlike obedience to the Catholic faith is fundamentalism?

We are all slaves to something.  How good it is to be slaves to the faith!

The One True Church

How do you know what Church is the one true Church?

The true Church has four marks. It is one, it is holy, it is Catholic and apostolic.  Holiness in other faiths takes place in spite of these faiths and not because of them. 

What do you say to Protestants who say that there is one true Church but nobody can see it but God and that anybody in any Church who is saved their way is in this true Church?

The Church of Christ was called upon to bear witness to the truth. An invisible Church cannot do that for we can’t see it. The true Church is visible and one. Only the Catholic Church is one. An invisible Church is not a Church at all.

Why is it easy to know which Church is the true Church?

Because God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). We must not complicate this issue for ourselves. The Church is Catholic so it is for all people. Therefore it must be obvious to even the unintelligent that it is God’s only Church. Those who are outside the Church are heretics and the more intelligent they are the greater their sin for not joining the Church.

Is there only one true Church?

There is only one true Church and outside this Church there is no salvation. Those who do not join the Church have nobody to blame but themselves.  The saviour said that whoever seeks shall find so whoever isn’t in the Church doesn’t want to be in it.

Where is this Church to be found?

The Church that obeys the Roman Pontiff as supreme head of the Church on earth is the one true Church.

Is the true Church visible?

The true Church is a visible body or organisation. It is the family of God.

If there is no salvation outside the one true Church can only baptised people be saved?

People who desire baptism but who die before they can receive it will be saved. God gives them the grace of baptism. Nobody whatsoever can be saved without this grace. They are not saved with water baptism but by it, as if indirectly. They are made members of the Church through their desire for baptism.  They must at least implicitly renounce their religion.

Must they consciously desire baptism and consciously want to be Roman Catholics?

Yes. Only that way by accepting people in that position can we really mean it when we say that there is no salvation outside the Church of God.  To contradict this is to deny that the Church is visible.

Can a person who would desire baptism if they knew about it be saved?

No. Nobody can desire baptism without knowing the gospel and what baptism is and what it does.

What is the baptism of blood?

When a person who wants to join the Church of Christ is martyred before they have the chance they are baptised by their own blood. They win the benefits of baptism.

How can the baptism of desire and blood be reconciled with the teaching of Christ that nobody can be saved without water and the Holy Spirit?

In the emergency they are in, it is good to believe that they are saved vicariously by the baptism of Christ in the Jordan or by the baptisms of the saints. Christ did say God never asks the impossible from us.

Can a Catholic believe he has the right to pick and choose out of the Catholic faith?

Such a one is not a Catholic but his own religion.  In truth he is a Protestant.  A Protestant is a person who has been put into the Catholic Church by baptism but raised outside the Catholic faith.  The apostate Catholic is more of a Protestant than one who knows nothing different from Protestantism.  The picking and choosing so-called Catholics are saying that the Church is man-made.  They are idolaters.  Why don't they drop the Mass as well?

Does God excommunicate?

Yes.  God knows who the real Catholics are as opposed to the pretend and self-deceived Catholics.  One does not need a decree of excommunication or to perform a formal defection from the Church to cease to be a Catholic.

What is the most important: Catholic faith or the Catholic Church?

The faith.   There can be no real Catholic Church without the faith.  Christ condemned those who lie to themselves that they are Catholics while they reject the doctrines revealed by the Christ through his instrument the Church.  He said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  He said his Church was to be one in doctrine and love.

The Grave Sin of Ecumenism

Is ecumenism a sin?

Ecumenism seeks what is held in common between religions. It suggest that all religions are good in many ways and if sincerely followed will bring salvation. If this is true then being the true Church isn’t important. Truth isn’t important and sincerity is what really matters. But Christ told the apostles that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life and nobody comes to the Father but by him.  He meant that he is the way to God because he is the truth.  Therefore nobody can be saved without joining the Church that has the truth, the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

What does scripture say about ecumenism?

That error however small is deadly and Satan pretends to be an angel of light meaning he preaches mostly holiness and truth but has some error mixed in to do harm. We must not engage in ecumenism even if the other religion is very similar to us for it is the error we see that must deter us. Sin has more good in it than bad and still it leads to Hell and is utterly hateful.

Why not praise the good in other religions and pray with them so that they might research us and come to the truth in its fullness?

Christ told us to tell the truth as if it was something urgent. The true Church alone is protected against error and Satan cannot use it and to consort with other faiths is to deny that truth or to collaborate with Satan.

Does human nature prefer error to the truth taught by God?

Yes. Scripture has it that all have turned away from God (Romans 3:11,12).

This warns us to learn only from the one true Church of Jesus Christ and forsake all other religions.  In principe it is godo to praise the truth they ahve, but in pracitce we are best

How can you prove that the first great commandment, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all our mind, shows that we must obey only the religion that enjoys the blessing of infallibility?

Any religion that does not have this blessing teaches only human opinion and reasoning and interpretation. An infallible Church that is protected by God is used by him to speak to us. To love the God it teaches us about is to love the real God not some interpretation of him.

Do other religions have the right to spread their errors?

No.  Error has no rights.  People have the right to think for themselves but only as long as they are open to the truth. 

Should we use the law to enforce silence on them?

Errors have no rights but people do.  We often have to tolerate those who err.  We cannot vent our abhorrence of the error.

Do people have any rights of their own?

No.  We deserve nothing good because we haven't earned it.  We are all sinners.  Jesus obeyed God in our place so that his merits could be applied to our account.  We become justified or just as if we had never sinned.


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