To MP Carol Monaghan who went to work in the House of Commons 2017 with a garish cross on her head of ashes on Ash Wednesday.

Carol, you had no business going to work with ashes on your head. You are to represent people who believe in kindness but do not see moral issues in terms of sins and crimes against God not just Catholics. The ashes accuse of sin and evangelise for the Church. We would like to see the proof for God before we add to the condemnation of a person by saying not only have they hurt man but have broken God’s law. In fact for the likes of you, as God is supposed to come first that amounts to worrying more about God than a baby that is hurt by a criminal. The cross is an offensive symbol and accuses sinners of having murdered Jesus by their sins. Any good done by the faith does not justify nonsense for nothing justifies nonsense. And nonsense leads to evil nonsense. Your support of the Church because it is “good” is unjustified for people in the Church are no better or worse than anybody else. And Jesus warned fasters to hide their fasting so he would not like the likes of you going around with ashes to display yourself as humble. There is no excuse for you giving money and support to the manmade Catholic faith. And as for the “my faith” you go on about it is not your faith but collectively the faith of the Church and that makes you prone to being manipulated by foolish men who think they can filter God’s alleged revelation by deciding what we are to believe. Just grow up.


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