Forgiving is about people moving forward together despite the hurtful things done in the past.
You treat the misdeeds as if they never took place so as to be able to accept the person who committed them.
Some say that asking for forgiveness should not be about the wrong you have done but about your need for forgiveness.
That implies that you should make no attempt to get forgiven unless you are really bothered by being in the doghouse.
Asking a person for forgiveness is accusing them of being bad people for not having forgiven already. It is accusing them of hypocritically hating your wrongdoing as if they are perfect themselves.
Asking God for forgiveness will not please him that is for sure!
Claims such as, “Please forgive me for by God’s grace I have changed”, are manipulative. It is evidence that decides if you should be forgiven not grace or claiming to have grace. As God matters and man does not in comparison it follows that it is more important to uphold the person as an example of how well God fixes people than to remain suspicious of the person. You don’t want to risk being suspicious of a man who God has changed for that offends God.


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