The papacy has a terrible legacy of lying and causing the wars of religion with Protestantism.  Today trans are denied care in Catholic hospitals because of papal directives.  Children are forced to give birth.  Lies are told to hide how Jesus' mother was only a little child when she got pregnant.  There are the lies and there are the things that are kept back that people have a right to know.

When you see the pope smile at you from the television or screen ask yourself

Is the pope really compassionate when he says it would not be good if God protected us all from suffering when he argues that dead baptised babies go to Heaven without suffering and adds to the insult by saying that unbaptised babies who suffer and die are penalised and barred from Heaven because they are not baptised?
Is it not true that the pope by teaching things that show God has no purpose for evil is admitting that he does not believe in compassion but in fake compassion so we should take him at his word?
Is the pope sincere when he advocates care of the sick when he says that free will justifies God allowing evil and suffering though consciousness is more important than free will for it is the one essential for life and happiness meaning that nothing ever justifies tormenting consciousness with free will?
If the pope is sincere why does he make it a duty to believe that Mary had no children besides Jesus when even his own Church admits it cannot prove that this doctrine is true from the Bible which gives the opposite impression?
If the pope really cares for your good then why does he justify Jesus refusing to run away from the cross but walking right into it in the name of obedience to God which encourages those who say God commands some seemingly bad things and disaster follows?
If the pope is sincere then why does he want us to believe in Catholicism with all those doctrines that seem like absurdities and contradictions which he says are really mysteries when we could have a more understandable creed and what has too many mysteries lacks convincing power?
If the pope is sincere then how could he who is so intelligent and who reads and studies theology and philosophy and consults with theologians and philosophers believe in his Roman Catholic religion? How can he call his religion Catholic when it is so complicated and hard to defend and totally beyond the scope of many people who wish to know if it could be true or not?
If the pope is sincere then why does he say we must obey his creed of mystery or seeming contradiction even if it brings great suffering and even death on us for we are in God’s hands and when we could have a faith with less mystery and then condemn fanatics who say it is a mystery why God wants us to kill unbelievers?
Is the pope sincere when he says it is okay to ask questions and can’t tell us why God lets us suffer and makes and sends deadly viruses which is the most important question of all and how can it be good to ask questions unless you are going to get answers?
Is the pope honest when he says that religion cannot justify 9/11 when he knows his own Bible and Jesus say that God commanded that homosexuals and adulterers and idolaters must be slain by stoning to death without pity and Jesus risked his own disciples lives?
Is the pope sincere when he says that capital punishment may never be the will of God nowadays even though he knows that his God commanded it a lot even for small crimes in the Bible?
If the pope is sincere then why does he promote Catholicism which must thrive on wishful thinking for it is not a credible faith for then he knows it must be about feeling not faith?
Is the pope sincere when he says venial sin does not cut you off God and make you his enemy but mortal sin does for it is offensive to God who hates sin infinitely so it is very serious when God must hate venial sin as much meaning it is really mortal sin?
Is the pope sincere when he tells you that you can do good works that please God while you have some sin in you when that is telling God, “God I have these sins but I won’t repent of them for I want to do good when it suits me,” meaning your good works insult him?
If the pope is insincere in his faith does that not mean that when he teaches that certain sins take you to hell forever that he is vindictively wishing that will happen to those who die unrepentant? He wishes it as well if he is sincere for he doesn't have proof and that is bad. You need absolute proof before you can accuse people of being able to sin so much. The level of his vindictiveness depends on the amount of evidence he has. The less evidence and the more doubts then the more vindictiveness. Also, to have the right to be able to teach such incredible and fantastical doctrines you need to know all the pros and cons which nobody can do. How can he claim that even if his religion is man-made that it is a good thing to think it is not but was made by God when he has doctrines like the irrevocable sentence to the torment of Hell forever to mention just one?
If the pope means it that human life is the most important thing to look after then what right has he to put faith before people by approving of a faith that says people should be eternally damned for relatively harmless sins like fornication?
Is the pope sincere when he won’t excommunicate Catholic dictators though they murder many Catholics and isn’t a Church that won’t do that associating itself with their crimes?
Is the pope sincere when his laws force young children to tell their private sins to priests and is this not inappropriate and a form of child-abuse for children are fragile? Every second you commit a sin say of gossip is a fresh sin so the sins have to be told in detail which is so degrading.
Is the pope sincere when he says the confessional can forgive sins even though you have some small sins you are not sorry for when Christ said that you need to forgive others and by implication yourself before you can expect pardon of God?
Is the pope sincere when he tells you to forgive your enemy (which is really loving your enemy more than yourself because it is acting as if the evil he did is forgotten and exposing yourself to more danger) and when not forgiving can be harmless as long as you avoid being eaten up by your bad feelings?
Is the pope sincere when he says that when Jesus said if you forgive the sins of any they are forgiven and if you don’t they are retained that he commanded confession for the priest needs to hear all before he can decide whether to forgive or not and then accepts the absolution of people who haven’t confessed as valid?
Is the pope sincere when he welcomes venial sinners to communion even though what they are saying is, “God I will eat your body and drink your blood but I will not give up these sins” which means there is nothing praiseworthy in their act?
Is the pope sincere when he acts lovingly towards children while advocating a doctrine that claims that you need to be baptised to be accepted by God no matter how good you are or even if you are a baby?
Is the pope sincere when he says we must love sinners and hate their sins even though to say that your sin is evil and hateful is to say that about you? The sin is not evil for it is not a thing or entity. You are what is evil. You created the act of your own free will for you sin because you are a sinner. Therefore sin is in your nature and is a part of you.  It is you. It is obvious that you cannot sincerely condemn the sin without also condemning the person that committed it and our feelings about sin are not feelings for sin strictly speaking but feelings about the person doing the sin. Your sin reveals you so to condemn it, is to condemn you. Condemning sin is personal. It feels personal. It looks even worse when you read how the Church says it teaches that homosexuality is a disorder but homosexuals are not disordered. So if you have the flu you can equally be said not to have the flu. The hypocritical claim that you can love the sinner not the sin is foundational to the Catholic system so the whole system is based on a lie. Would you believe a person who said to you, "I have nothing against you. It is just your sin I have something against"? Love the sinner and hate the sin means love the sinner in spite of the sin which you hate so it is grudging love - if it can be called love at all. It can hardly mean you must love the sinner because of the sin you hate for that is impossible - you can't both hate the sin and love it.  Religious love is fake love.

Last: The pope is a thief as well as a liar and who gets more respect from the world than he should and certainly should not be given a penny. The good he does is done to attract people to his evil, which he would call God-given virtue, and is really just a cynical bait for the unwary. We will not be impressed by it or him.  The pope does not seem to know many things and this lack gives him a deeply flawed and deeply threatening moral compass that disqualifies him from getting any prestige or faith on the world stage.


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