What is attitude? - Why it is of the utmost importance...

If you think everything is right in your life do you really think it? What people mean is that it is as right as can be. Right is relative. It depends on what you can get. You can say all is right in your life even if you are in a wheelchair for that is something that makes your life difficult but not wrong. It is all right under the circumstances. The thought then that all is right in your life then is relative but it is also putting you in a niche or hiding place. You find a way to get a sufficient sense of being reasonably okay so it is like you are using the bad things around you to find that sort of safe space.  The worry is that the circumstances will always be bigger than you and you will be destroyed when your scheme falls apart.

Attitude however is the best way to prepare.

Having the right attitude is the only way to empower ourselves.

We all have the seeds of the right attitude in us. They just need watering. Not all of us get the chance to enjoy the water.

Attitude is what you believe and perhaps feel as well. It is a belief. Positive attitudes are wonderful. Negative attitudes can be very damaging. A thought is just a thought - it is not an attitude. It may be turned into an attitude though. A negative attitude appears when one has too many negative thoughts. Many negative thoughts are unnecessary. For example, what good does it do to recall something someone said to you years ago? The negative thoughts program you to develop a negative attitude.

A negative thought or feeling though unpleasant is good for you provided what it seems to be saying makes sense. We must be careful that we know how to think. That way our negative thoughts and feelings are indicators that something is not quite right and spurs us to do something about it.

A negative thought may do harm to you but a negative attitude being more prolonged and deep-seated will do a horrendous lot more harm. Self-defeating beliefs about yourself are the most deadly negative attitudes of all. You can have self-defeating beliefs about the world too. For example, I don't want to get a job for people will be horrible to me. That is actually an indirect way of having a self-defeating belief about yourself. What you are really saying is, "I am too useless to get along with people and cope with problems."

Attitude affects how you feel about yourself and your life and the world. Some people preach that how the world and others feel about you is more important. But unless you have a nice attitude and let it shine, the world will not value you very much.

Realise that your imagination is far more powerful than your will. That is why placebo medicines seem to be so powerful. In fact, it is your imagining that they help you that heals you - not the medicines! Remember that you can harm yourself by thinking nothing is helping you.

If you have a wonderful doctor and the doctor says they will not help you or cannot that will cause a reverse placebo effect. Imagine how powerful belief in God is when you think or are sure he will not help or cannot help for it does not fit his overall plan for the world!


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