While one may respect that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her body, this right is balanced off by the right of the baby to have its body looked after.  "My body my choice" sounds selfish when the baby would not be allowed to choose to live if it could choose.

The entity in the womb cannot choose so the host must choose.

The entity is not there by its own choice or God's choice.  So that matters as well.  It would not matter if it could choose to be spared abortion for the issue is that it did not choose to be there in the first place.

So the only choice that matters is the woman's.  Anybody who can't give you encouragement to have your abortion when you need it is a bigot.

Most pro-choice people believe it is up to each woman to decide if her particular case makes it ethical for her to have an abortion.  It follows from that that they think abortion is sacred and any woman having an abortion at 26 weeks when a baby is viable is evil if her motive is just that she can't do what she wants if she has to think about a child.  God implies that certain things are sacred.  If abortion is evil and never sacred then it is blasphemy and sacrilege to say that it is at least sometimes sacred.   To condemn the abuse of abortion is to say that abortion done for justifiable reasons is sacred and brave.  It is to call on God to approve of the abortions that are done within an ethical framework.

With abortion, even if it is wrong and it is murder, it is still wrong for the state or the church or society to decide for the woman that she will carry on with the unwanted pregnancy. Abortion being wrong or abortion being right does not make it anybody's choice but the woman's.  As abortion is not a public order matter it follows that even if it is murder the state has no right to stop the woman doing wrong in this case.

Bodily autonomy gives the person the right or choice to decide what a body is, what life is and if it is worth anything. This is very clear with regard to unwanted pregnancy.  You are playing God by deciding that your baby's life is not worth your career or whatever.  I would say there is nothing wrong with that.  I would say that God belief is an implicit threat to women's rights.


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