religion abuses religion to get power and nominal religion can pretend to be the "real deal"

Baptism is the key to the massive power of Christianity. It is a sacramental rite which reportedly infuses the gift of faith and which removes original sin in which person is dipped into water or sprinkled while a magic spell, “I baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” is recited. It is performed on infants as an excuse to get indoctrinating Christianity into them later on in childhood when they are so fragile and easily conditioned. The goal is to prevent them magically and educationally from enjoying the right to make up their own minds without undue and one-sided influence when they are old enough. Children do not need religion for they are innocent and things like death do not seem real to them. We may teach things to children say about other countries that they have to take on faith but that doesn’t justify teaching religion to them and conditioning them for you can prove what you say about other countries but you can’t prove your religion. Every religion claims that it has the best evidence and you would need a million brains to test every religion.

Baptism allegedly changes your sinful nature to one that is eager to please God. Experience shows that this is not true for there is nothing remarkable about the virtue that most sacrament takers have, so sacraments are wilful quackery. The rite facilitates racism for it implies that the unbaptised who are often of another race are in some way inferior to the baptised. Since they still have original sin they must be more dangerous - at least spiritually - than a person who has been baptised.
Communities necessarily put some pressure on members to conform. This is a form of force. Many Catholics are victims of forced conversion. Do not abuse your child by letting it be baptised! Children are made to undergo the rite of confirmation (ie confirming membership of the Church) even if they don't believe. The Church grows by forced conversion though it pretends to oppose it.
Catholics say they get their children baptised to give them a relationship with Jesus and it is not about making them servants of the pope. But if you look after a medium and give her money and persuade your children to believe in her simply because she claims to be in touch with your dead husband you can't say it is about your husband and not her unless you can prove beyond all reasonable doubt that she is in touch with him.

Jesus is the founder of Christianity?

A religion must exclude certain doctrines otherwise there is nothing definitive about the religion and what it says can mean anything.

Suppose Jesus intended to form a new religious society or even reform the one he was in. Jesus knew that attempts would be made to label children with the religion resulting in a problem with cultural religion getting an influence and respect it does not deserve and bullying people and posing hypocritically. For that reason if he agreed with children being initiated into the religion then he is responsible for the terrible results. Cultural religion is worse than religion religion. Each one gets its evil power from the other. Sometimes there is no distinction between them. We should not honour this man in any sense.

What is so bad about baptism?

Christianity says, "Once baptised always baptised". Baptism is said to put you in the Church and wash away your sins. It seems it puts you in the Church by removing the obstacle between you and God which is sin. But that does not mean you cannot end up in the same state as the unbaptised. Though your baptism is not reversed it might as well be. You might as well have a reverse baptism. :If any man have not care of his own, and especially of those of his house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel" (1 Timothy 5:8).

Fact - most active members of a religion are secretly nominal.
Fact - most members of a religion are shamelessly nominal.
Fact - if one's religious faith is non-existent or weak one is still nominal
Fact - it is possible a religion and its leaders want the religion to be largely nominal.
Fact - nominal religion is the expert at being sectarian and corrupt and manipulative. Based on lies it is a breeding ground for lies that are told so often they end up looking true.
Fact - a nominal religion preaches magical far-fetched doctrines that nobody sane can truly believe so it can't be anything else but nominal
Fact - nobody admits that their religion is about being nominal
Fact - if belief does not matter for membership then if you believe you can be a Catholic without enrolling or being received into the Church. If belief does not matter then religious rules are only important if you believe in them.
Fact - a nominal religionist does not truly respect religion so how can you expect them to treat a sincere religion well?
Fact- the Bible says that an outward Jew who is not one inside is not a Jew at all. The apostle Paul wrote that and thus refuted the Christian notion that they can turn a person into a Christian by doing baptismal rituals.
Fact - when politicians respect religion it is nominal religion they mean

The solution

Each religion should lay out the case for not joining it or joining it to a person who can decide for themselves.

The number one problem behind nominal religion is society and parents keeping nominal members of religion high by forcing or pressuring children into a religious framework. This happens for cultural reasons. Consider the big number of those who get babies baptised into a religion and do nothing to produce true spiritual believers. Catholicism knows exactly what it is doing when it targets babies. It argues that the baby becomes Catholic at baptism and that implies the duty to be raised Catholic. Thus it uses baptism as an excuse for demanding Catholic schools to indoctrinate them. It completely contradicts the separation that should exist between politics and specifically religious claims.

Labelling and seeking nominal members and facilitating nominalism makes a religion look huge and undefeatable so that if it has a bad side or has terrorists (the number if low or high is irrelevant - do not insult victims by making a numbers game of it!) people will be afraid to admit the religion or its holy books or its failure to really remedy human evil is to blame.

Cults or sects that abuse are simply engaging in the same manipulation as every major religion engages in.

And parents and guardians are the ones who are chiefly complicit...


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