The Catholic faith threatens those who are not baptised with a greater risk of everlasting torment and moral and spiritual reprobation. Baby baptism is supposed to make God live in a baby. If the baby dies without baptism it cannot enter into happiness with God - the happiness that lasts forever.
It is hideous to say that God's grace is needed to get you into Heaven and this grace corrects the moral and spiritual defects in you and that receptivity to grace is administered to babies in baptism. This is clearly forced conversion where the child is anti-God by default and then forced to be receptive by baptism. The implication is that the force is justifiable for the baby is so bad.
The safe thing to do is not to have the baby baptised at all!
You can't have your baby baptised just in case religion is true and the baby will suffer or be deprived of the divine blessing if it is not baptised. Then why not get it circumcised a Jew in case Judaism is true as well? Or why not take it to the local witch for a few spells to be cast over it?
If you can have no better reason for getting the baby baptised than that it might do it harm not to be baptised then you do not have a high view of God. He would want you to come to him for you see him as great and attractive and not because you are scared. Can you really be expecting and asking for a blessing when you come in fear? It's absurd to seek a blessing from a God you don't trust. You are really asking for a curse!
God says he will share none of his glory with idols (Isaiah 42:8). Not even a little bit. He will not share his glory with sacraments that he has not instituted and certainly not with them when they are occult like baptism is - it is mad to think that a baby will not be blessed unless a priest permits God to bless by way of baptism. That is witchcraft.
To err about how God gives grace is far worse than to err about the nature of God and mistake an idol for him. Knowing the true God is useless without being able to appropriate his grace. Grace is the essence of a personal and real relationship with God. A religion that has the right God but the wrong way to approach him is more dangerous than one that has an idolatrous God because it gets your guard down and makes your heart harder against the right way to come to God for it will be plausible. God says that anybody that knows him and won’t come to him but uses the wrong way to approach him will be rejected for he guides them to see that they are or at least may be wrong. The devil works stronger through sacramentalism if it fails to give grace than he does through idolatry.
Pascal said that you should believe in God and the Catholic Church for if you are wrong at least you will have the peace and virtue that religion brings. But that is assuming that things like living in a nice house, having a good means of transport and money in the bank is acceptable when you could be among the poor living as one of them to help them and sharing all you have with them. It is assuming that it is okay to do that while many people starve thanks to our negligence and our indulging ourselves as if our comfort is all that matters. Some religions actually say it is okay to enjoy wealth as the poor starve. They can only justify it by saying, "God has vowed to take care of the poor his own way leaving us free to enjoy our trappings." You could use that logic to justify anything. Indeed Jesus is said to have reasoned that he should go for crucifixion and leave the rest to God. An atheist could never use God as an excuse for neglecting or half-neglecting the poor. If there is no God then it is more certain that this would be evil than it would be if there is one. Belief in God weakens concern for others or weakens the strength of moral conviction. It can be easier in the midst of depression and illness to accept that if it cannot be improved then it cannot be improved and if it can be improved it can be improved instead of being left wondering why God let this happen to you when he could have averted it. Pascal was wrong. Belief in God and religion if wrong will not leave you virtuous. Error is bad and makes you bad whether you mean to be bad or not. Pascal gave an argument that at best is only a justification for pious fraud: when religion fakes miracles or lies to get people to live more religious lives. A bad person seeks to condone the evil of others. The worse the evil the more vile this is. God religion asks people to condone God allowing people to suffer horrendously. God religion is bad.
God would accept everybody and inspire everybody rather than directing them to religious leaders to guide them or to pass on messages from him to them. He would not have men claiming the right to make a child right with him by pouring water on it. People want to make rules so they pretend they are not their rules but God's. Religion springs from that. Religion is idolatry. Christianity sometimes demands that a child must not be baptised. Its evil version of Jesus has given it this right though he dares to say that the child may suffer forever for not being baptised. Perhaps it might grow up without the magical power of baptism to keep it from sin and end up going to suffer in Hell forever.
Some religious teachers have said that faith is not so much about belief as about practice. They may even say that wanting to be right is a sign of being bigoted and or arrogant. They say that what you should want to be is compassionate. The Catholics sometimes say that if you practice Catholic morality and live a good life and pray and live the sacraments you will see that Catholicism is probably or must be true and so your practice will ignite belief. The Presbyterians say the same tactic will show you that Presbyterianism is true. The Mormons say the same method shows Mormonism is true. Every religion says the same. The argument gets us nowhere. It is an abuse of goodness to use it to get to become a believer and a member of a faith. Goodness should be about doing good. In fact to say that you will discover Catholicism is probably true or is true is a boast. It suggests that anybody who does good to develop a faith that isn't Catholic is being insincere if they say their goodness showed them this non-Catholic faith was true. It suggests that the method can only work if you use the Catholic Church as a framework and want to try to see if you can develop faith in it. It is certainly a scandal that if the advice, "Do the faith and you will know that it is true or probably true", is good advice then it is certainly manipulative and exploitive and an imposition to baptise a child and make it a member of the Church. Many come to believe in religion after they have been involved in an incident were others died and they didn't. They feel they ought to be grateful to God. All they are doing is is boasting that God thought they were so special that he saved them. They are condoning God letting others die. The "morality" of religion leaves a lot to be desired. It leads to faith that only can be described as evil.
I used to advise, “If you can’t sleep in case something bad happens to your child without baptism then perform the baptism yourself. There is little harm in that but it is against the rights of the child.  It is indeed far worse to take the child to a church for the Church makes you vow to brainwash the child as a Christian and to bring it to it for indoctrination. That is part of the deal. And you have to pay for it as well which is utterly degrading. Remember though by baptising your child you are promising to make the child a Christian for that is what baptism does, it is picturing the washing away of what God forbids and it is done in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit meaning you are bringing the child into the authority of God and his Church. That is actually wrong if you intend to let the child make her or his own decisions when she or he gets older.”
I agree with all this except that nobody has the right to baptise a child. 
It is not just about splashing water on a baby. Baptism is a lot more than that.
It accuses the child of being evil and unfit for God’s presence so baptism is necessary to wash away this evil.
A child is married to the Church by baptism.
In a society where say Catholics are discriminated against and detested by Protestants, baptisms still go on. The clergy still demand them. Baptism is a declaration that belief matters more than the child. Baptism is often child abuse.
Suppose the power of choice exists and you are given a choice between being tortured to death and dying your hair green. You chose to dye your hair green. You chose it freely. You were forced into making the choice but it was still a choice because you could have chosen to be tortured to death. It's a lie to say you had no choice. The Catholic teachings that we are born in original sin and are obligated to obey the pope by baptism into the Church and to become saints who have a life of misery and who will go to Hell forever if we die in unrepented serious sin say something about the believer. And it is this. The believer wants these horrible teachings to be true deep down even if he feels revulsion for them. The atheist does not acquiesce to evil to that degree. Miracles in Christianity no matter what laudable purpose they seem to have encourage these evil ideas.


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