Water Baptism is a scam for labelling people

Jesus was clear that some of the bad people of Jewish background were not Jews at all anymore because of their sin.  They though they were for they had rites of initiation.  Christianity has sought ways to stick labels on people for that gives it political recognition.  The result is that people end up divided from others.  An us versus them attitude creeps in.  In Northern Ireland, people were stopping their Catholic observance and still claiming to be proper and real Catholics.  This was a cultural political thing.  It is a total insult to those who work to keep religion and politics separate as they should be.  It is correct as many observers say, that religion leads to divisiveness and this is the breeding ground for violence.  But bouncy castle religion, where people go along with religion for the parties and the benefits, holds on to the labels that give rise to the division in the first place.  It goes further than real religion in fomenting and nurturing hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy itself is a breeding ground for harm and hate.

Baptism of babies is supposed to confer the power from God to have faith in the gospel.  Pity the Church men don't care to admit that many children just are not interested in Christianity!  They don't care and blame the child for falling away.  How convenient.

Jesus seems to argue that initiation into Christianity is between him and the person alone.  Priests trying to label people by baptising them in fonts of water is wrong.  

Baptise means to immerse.  Jesus said that John baptised in water but he would baptise with the Holy Spirit and fire.  This indicates that the Christian baptism is not a baptism in water.

Jesus never clearly commanded water baptism. 

He said that unless a man is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God.   But the word for spirit is the word for wind.  Water and wind are the cleansing powers of God and emblems of the Holy Spirit.  so Jesus was using water and wind as symbols for the spirit.  Proof of this is in how he told his listener, a Jewish theologian, he shouldn't have to explain that to him for it was in the Old Testament.  The Old Testament never mentions water baptism or speaks of a sacrament of baptism that can take away sins.  So our interpretation is right.

Jesus told the disciples to go and baptise all nations in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He never mentioned water.  The episode does not clearly command water baptism.  "in the name of" means in the authority of.  Here are possible clarifications.  "Go and immerse the nations into the authority of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."  "Go and immerse all nations in the authority of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit".  This could mean that you may need express authority from Jesus in a vision before you can baptise in water. 

Jesus said nothing about what words to use when baptising in water.  He commanded to baptise in the authority or name of the Father, Son and Spirit.  This does not hint what kind of wording should be used.  Nor does he mention water.  He may have meant that the apostles are to baptise the nations by their preaching causing the Holy Spirit to come upon their hearers.

Peter says that baptism saves only as an appeal to a clean conscience from God.  In other words, it is the repentance that saves not the water baptism.  Though the early Christians practiced baptism in water there is no reason to think that it was a command.

The practice was relevant then as a follow on from the baptisms performed by John the Baptist, but today it would be dangerous to continue the practice as there is little else but lies and error surrounding the baptism tradition.


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