The Church holds that the man and woman who started the human race sinned and in doing so brought damage into human nature body and soul. This results in a baby being born without God in it's soul so baptism is necessary to fix the baby. The baby says it protects from the drive to sin and reasons - oddly - that it is important to have the baby baptised as soon as possible.

These claims are nonsense which is why they should be taken seriously and not be a mere excuse for fitting in your community or a party.

Despite claiming that God wants to give his loving presence via baptism to every child, the Church sidesteps the question of why babies who could be baptised are not statistically more likely to live long enough for the ceremony.  You would be forgiven for saying that God is not the one being unwelcoming here!

Spiritual rebirth by baptism was invented to create a state like church.  The fact is that baptism symbolises death not birth. It is not the new birth.  It is alarming to imagine babies having to be baptised when it represents death, entombment.  Bluntly, it stands for some kind of drowning.  No wonder Peter linked it to the flood.  The child will be sprinkled but the rite remains a sanctification of drowning and violence against the baptised.  The normal version is by immersion as it was done in the New Testament as it had to show the person was dying and being destroyed and then remade in a way that pleases God.


Baptism does not give the child a consoling God. It gives a God who sets up a church that seeks the right to exert an undue influence over the child and an unfair advantage and who thinks the child isn't worth much when he requires a rite to accept the child. That's reluctant acceptance and a bad example for the thinking child. To console the child with tales about God's unconditional love won't help the child. God though unlimitedly powerful didn't accept the child until baptism and that is not unconditional love. He doesn't forgive the child who is not baptised but he forgives monsters who do terrible things. Baptism is a perfect symbol of the unreasoning "morality" that religion advocates. It is evil to put a child through it. Love the sinner and hate the sin is nonsense for when a person does wrong it is not the action that bothers us but what it says about the person. To hate the sin is to hate the sinner. To oppose the sin is to oppose the sinner. God cannot love unconditionally and such love would be hypocrisy. To console people with tales about God's love is to offer false consolation.

To admit that is to take away probably one of the main attractions of belief in God. We only worry about unconditional love and want it when we do something wrong. And then we don't need it or this wish for we should be thinking about earning back people's respect for us instead of looking for it on a plate. The rest of the time it does us no good because we want to be adored for what we do and what kind of people we are. When we are good or weak but not evil being unconditionally loved feels unreal. God's unconditional love does not stop you suffering or dying or getting depressed or going to Hell so there is no point in being grateful for it. It doesn't ring true. It does not even stop babies being born carrying sin and needing baptism because of the natural inclination to defy God and get qualified and in danger of Hell. God's unconditional love does not stop the need for foetuses that are dying to be baptised by a syringe in the womb and ending up stabbed to death by the needle. It is better for death to be the end than for there to be a chance that you might live forever in eternal torment. The adoration of a person who knows nothing about you would not please you - it shows how unconditional love is only appealing on paper and not in life. Parents who hold that bringing a child for baptism is offering them somebody to love them no matter what are deluding themselves. It is vile to take a child to an old man who is pampered and lives in a fancy house and has an easy life and who teaches a difficult message that even he cannot live up to despite the dog collar he sports. The old man by baptising prays that the child will be a saint and live as a real child of God. Baptising professes his belief that God is right to distance himself from the child until the child is baptised. One should live up to strict and hard standards if one asks them of or for others. Baptism is defilement by that old man. It is defilement by the religion.

The practice of child initiation into religion and indoctrination should be illegal and we will do our damnest to get it made illegal for it amounts to spiritual rape. The infant is taken advantage of because it is an infant. We all know that if the child were an adult he or she would make a very different choice in all probability. Jesus said that God has to be loved with all the heart and soul and mind meaning that anybody that really loves God that much will be as sure as possible of being in the most believable religion and should put the search for God and his true faith first. How can that be reconciled with baptising babies and then subjecting them to religious education by the Church that baptised them? The Church claims the right to educate the baptised her way when they were grafted into it by baptism which is understandable because baptism is supposed to be the initiation into the Church. This is really about trying to turn the child into a bigot for it takes a lot of research to work out what the most credible and consistent religion is and that is rarely done. To be in a religion without having done that is to be nothing but a bigot. Jesus said that we know the devil’s disciples by their fruits. He is to blame for Christianity being so full of people who don’t really care for the truth and who are good for nothing but creating different sects so he is condemned by his own standard.


The Christian Religion is just a religion of outward appearances. It exaggerates human sinfulness (see what God wrote at Romans 3) with the result that people sin nearly all the time for if you have free will and believe that nearly everything is a sin then you are left intending to sin all the time (Romans 14:14, 23). Good works done without repentance are just insults to God and that is what the Church offers. The religion is not about God. He is only the bait. It is about their own selfish selves. Is that what you want to enter your baby into?


The Church says that original sin is the state of being hostile to God from the first moment of your existence and this hostility is inherited from Adam who rebelled against God. So then the baby that is baptised doesn’t want to be baptised or healed of this sin for it doesn’t like God. Baptism is clearly opposed to the "choice" (for want of a better word for it is too young to make a choice) of the baby and religious freedom. What about older people who get baptised? God’s grace can work on their minds and hearts to make them want deliverance from their antagonism towards God in baptism. This cannot happen with a baby. It would make more sense if the Church held that babies should not be baptised and that if they die they will grow up and have to make the same choice between Heaven and Hell as the rest of us.

A baby that is not baptised is far more evil than an adult that sins venially a lot. The Church holds that venial sin does not separate you or estrange you from God. So a baby that harms nobody deliberately is cut off from God and rejected by God and rejects God. The original sin idea says that. And somebody that does harm is accepted by God. A person can commit mortal sin, that is sin that rejects God and cuts you off God, by murder or adultery or doubting the Church and be forgiven easier than an unbaptised baby can be. The person simply has to go to confession to a priest in the Catholic Church and for Protestants, all you need to do is pray for pardon. Even a Hitler could do that so the baby must be extremely evil. The unbaptised baby is at the mercy of its parents and will be in sin as long as it is not baptised. The baby then must be despised by God. It must be worse than the mortal sinner. A being that is rejected by an all-good God despite having done nothing wrong must be far more repulsive and evil than a sinner who has done wrong and very serious wrong at that.

Catholics claim that their babies can grow up to go to Hell. They need baptism to protect them from the danger. They need absolute proof that anybody can go to Hell forever. They need absolute proof that evil people should go there. They need proof that they deserve it. There is nothing. To baptise babies to save them from a fate they could deserve in Hell is really just being vindictive when there is no proof. It is vindictive to accuse a baby of having the potency to be evil enough to go to Hell forever.


A baby becomes a child of God by being baptised. It follows that whether the Church admits it or not, that its teaching is saying that unbaptised babies are defective and not children of God but little bastards. The Church thinks of children conceived outside of marriage as bastards. If you are a bastard because your father wasn’t married to your mother then how much more are you a bastard if you don’t have God for your father? He doesn’t even want you until baptism magically changes his mind! It follows then that it is a pity unbaptised babies have to exist at all.

Spiritualism says that God has made all things thus God is the father of all things. It says that every man and woman and child is God's child. Catholicism says that God is not your father unless you are on good terms with him by having his spirit inside you. Spiritualism has the right idea. Catholicism is so bent on accusing unbaptised babies of being God's little bastards that it won't base God's fatherhood on his role as creator.


Parents are misled by the Church today to think that the baby is being welcomed into the community. Let us analyse this.

Is the baby not welcome just by being born? It should be.

Is the baby really welcomed when you chose to consider it an outsider until it is baptised? It is like saying Mary is welcome in your house though she is black as long as she puts white powder on her face. We would recognise the hatred and racism if you required such a thing.

Baptism does not welcome the baby into the Christian Church or community. The baby is not welcomed by baptism but allegedly fixed by baptism. Then when it is fixed it is welcomed. So it is not good enough as a person but only as a Christian person. Christianity is one of the lowest religions and a dose of whitewash and an education in the bigotry it has so successfully fomented.

Baptism is not a true celebration. The parents could have a naming ceremony that celebrates the birth of the child and the child as he or she is. That is a genuine celebration.

The Christians may celebrate when and after a baby is baptised but that does not make baptism a celebration. The baptism is not for celebrating the birth of the baby but is about fixing and vaccinating the baby. You may as well say that vaccinating the baby against polio is a celebration. Rather than celebrate the baby, the baptism says the baby is bad the way he or she is.


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