The Roman Catholic Church claims that sprinkling water on a baby or an adult while saying, "I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" does amazing things. It takes away the sin we are born with, original sin, and any other sins and grafts us on to Jesus making us his servants. It puts Jesus and God inside us to live in us and inspire us. The Church says that baptism heals the inclination towards sin that original sin causes. Baptism is a sacrament. It pictures cleansing from sin and the effects of sin and actually does what it pictures. This sounds like magic. The Church says it is not for God has freely decided to use baptism as the way of imparting his graces and powers and help to us. The pagans believed that Diana and other goddesses and gods had left rites that must be performed if one needs divine help. They believed they were not forcing the deities to help them. And yet the Church condemns their worship as occult and magical. The pagans indeed were doing magic. And so is the Catholic Church. It is like saying that bookkeeping is not bookkeeping when such and such a firm does it but is bookkeeping when your firm does it. Do you see the arrogance? Do you see the deceit?

Baptism encourages children in occultism

Children have an innate love for belief in magic and fairies and witches. Children feel they can make things happen by wishing for them., The Church forbids these beliefs as blasphemous and superstitious. It wants the children to believe in its drab and uninteresting magic. It seeks to abuse the child by turning her or him away from her innate tendencies, the tendencies she or he came into the world with.

To a child’s mind, sacraments and sacramentals are like spells. Catholicism causes an inclination to believe in superstition and magic. Baptism is supposed to be a supernatural rite that turns a baby from a sinner into a child of God and inclines her or him to believe in the truth taught by God. It is supposed to be a bigger miracle to us, to our experience, than the resurrection of Jesus. It is claimed by the Church to be more supernatural in our experience for we don't experience the resurrection but its supernatural results. So baptism encourages the dangerous belief in miracles.

When a Witch raises a man from the dead or the devil does it the Church says it is magic. But when God does the very same act it is not magic but miracle. This is a pretended distinction and a pretended difference. There is no honesty in distinguishing between a miracle and a spell. Let us pretend that it can be done. Then, perhaps a Witch did the raising of Jesus from the dead meaning we are wrong to think it was a miracle. What about the Witch raising a man from the dead by a spell? Maybe she has no power and maybe it was not the spell that did it but God? There is no honest way to tell the difference even if there is a difference. You would not let a Witch or a sorcerer cast a spell on your child to influence it to believe and obey the Church - and especially when you only pick what you like out of the teachings. And then you go to a sorcerer calling himself a minister or priest or bishop for a spell performed around the baptismal font. What if baptism is not a good sacrament, one that makes a person good or more inclined to be good? What if it is putting the Mark of the Beast on the child so that the child belongs in Hell forever? The fact that few worry about their baptismal vows would certainly indicate that the rite is at best a waste of time and at worst a magical curse that draws one into hypocrisy and evil.

Occult effects of baptism?

Some Satanists have been lead to reason like this: “Sacramental baptism is black magic for it is done to sell the infant’s soul to a God of Darkness. The child is offered to God so that when the child dies it will be a human sacrifice. The intention is to make the child a human sacrifice for the Christian approves of God killing for God can do no wrong and death is the price of disobedience to the divine tyrant. The God of Christianity is evil and the God of Roman Catholicism is worse. All the sacraments of the Church are channels of satanic bile. The Church will come over all sanctimonious and say that it does its selling souls with good intentions.” The dedication then will have dark effects if there really are evil forces that will respond and accept the child and caress him or her with its Judas kiss.

Catholics have an unhealthy appetite for apparitions and watching the sun spin miraculously. Thousands of Catholics report such experiences and they often happen at the spiritual Disneyland of Medjugorje. Read about what went on at Knock in Ireland in October 2009. The Church itself doesn't approve for all miracle claims have to be vetted by the Church which may allow very very few of them to be believed in then. The Church says that many signs are not from God at all. Most apparitions and miracles then cannot be traced back to God. Could that be evidence then that baptism is spiritually bad for children and subjects them to evil occult powers? Yes if you believe in devils and demons. Baptism is a miracle. Belief in miracles is dangerous and irresponsible even if miracles happen for the real ones are few and far between. Most miracle claims lead people astray and turn them into sign and wonder hunters. They turn to religion only for the signs and are less interested in living a good life. They are obviously not very confident in their faith. They want to be deluded.

Religion is idolatry. To honour the God who is the creation of the Catholic Church is really to honour the invention of the Church and to honour the Church. If there is a God that does not mean the Church is not following its image of him.  Nearly all religion if not all religion is man-made. Even if it is teaching God's truth, the truth is given not on God's authority but mans. For example, if Mary is the boss and she sends Jane to order to me to do something and I obey, the real authority I am following is Jane's. Not Mary's. Jane's. Jane could be lying or mistaken about the command. She becomes the authority and is sent to me by Mary. I become my authority even if I am in an authoritarian religion. If John gives me information he got from God, I believe John not God when I accept that information. Idolatry means you want to reject God in favour of being your own God or worshipping what you want. It is ultimately proclaiming that you put yourself first. It is making yourself the real determinant of religious authority. It is indirectly proclaiming your own godhood and superiority to the god. Jesus and the apostles were clear. Idolaters are barred from the kingdom of Heaven. To accept baptism or circumcision as an entry into religion is making a pact with Satan to go to Hell if you believe in Satan and Hell.

Don't risk it

If you can have no better reason for getting the baby baptised than that it might do it harm not to be baptised then you do not have a high view of God. He would want you to come to him for you see him as great and attractive and not because you are scared. Can you really be expecting and asking for a blessing when you come in fear? It's absurd to seek a blessing from a God you don't trust. You are really asking for a curse!

How do you know that baptism isn't a satanic or witchcraft rite that has been made to look Christian? How do you know that it doesn't put a curse on the child that draws the child to eternal damnation? The Church believes that babies are born under such a curse though God in his mercy sends the child to limbo if it dies and not Hell. But if we can believe that then what is to stop us believing the child can go to Hell especially when we think it deserves it? How do you know that baptism isn't putting a demon into the child and that Jesus was the Son of God and not the first-born of Satan who empowered the rite to do that? The Church has no real answers for these questions and many more similar questions could be thought of. And we are entitled to ask them for baptism is more about making a child a subscriber to dogma than about making the child a good person. The Church holds that a sinner who is not baptised is not as bad as person who is baptised and who sins for with God in their hearts they have no excuse. So baptism makes most of us worse people in the sight of God! It is dedicating your child to the Devil for you know the chance of the child thinking and living like a true Christian is slim. Who for example really can love their neighbour as themselves? Even husbands and wives can't love one another that much! If it stresses them how much more will it stress and break us to try and love all we meet as ourselves!

What if baptism does not remove the curse of some kind of original sin but puts that sin in?

Suppose the Lord disapproves of belief in psychic powers. The Bible by the way says he does and extremely so. The following then is hypothetical. The extreme opposition to belief in them led him to command that believers in them be put to death. That to me is a sure sign of fear. God is scared that there might be such powers and that if the people develop them they will see that he is a dictator and a tyrant and abandon him. A God that is insecure is not much of a God. If God is so scared how can he expect us to take the risk that baptism can infuse occult forces of darkness?

Baptism degrades the child and advocates evil. It is inseparable from the lie of the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus lied that his resurrection would be the greatest proof of all of the power of God. It is not. Strange coincidences do happen and nobody verified or said the body was gone the minute the tomb was opened. Satan is supposed to have some power to guide coincidences. If he has psychic powers there could be other beings that have them. So a combination of mistakes and error and strange coincidences could have let to the testimony of the apostles that the resurrection happened. For example, maybe Peter saw Jesus with cloven hoofs and strangely forgot this. As a result of his forgetting, the resurrection became more believable. It is better to assume strange coincidences have made it look like a miracle happened than that a miracle really happened.

Even if baptism did not have strange powers, the fact that people who don't have adequate evidence for the extraordinary claims they make for it shows they intend idolatry. They are still superstitious.

If there is an effect it is a bad one regardless of exactly what it is doing it to the child.


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