Christians baptise babies in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and its thought this lets the baby get into Heaven if it dies.  Mormons think you need baptism to get to the third Heaven, the only proper one.  So if you die without it they will baptise somebody else for you in your name.

Baby baptism is child-abuse or attempted child-abuse when the parents take religion with a pinch of salt. The Church senses this for it has banned Catholics for giving the Mormons information on the dead for it knows the Mormons depend on it to be able to perform baptism by proxy for the dead. This bothers the Church even though Mormons believe the dead person must accept the baptism done for her or him for it to be any good! If it bothers the Church in relation to the dead, it shows that the Church knows it is wrong to baptise innocent babies.
The Book of Mormon God severely condemns infant baptism. He says that those who believe it saves babies are committing a grave sin that endangers them of Hell. If a Mormon and a Catholic have a baby, the Mormon cannot permit the Catholic partner to have the baby baptised. Some say that for a Mormon, the baptism is just a useless rite and so it wouldn't be a sin for the Mormon to let it happen or to consent to it. They say that the baby could undergo an infant dedication ceremony as practiced by Mormons and a Catholic baptism and the baby could decide later what religion to follow. But it would be consenting to let others do what the Book of Mormon says insults the child and which damns the souls of the insulters! It would be implicitly approving of the evil. And if a child is baptised, the Church says the child must never be encouraged to go to any religion for spiritual sustenance but the Catholic Church. This is commonsense when baptism is intended to be the rite that admits one into the Catholic Church. The Mormon then cannot consent to a Catholic baptism without betraying her or his obligation to promote Mormonism.
If you are really concerned about treating your child fairly, if you really believe the child should decide when old enough, then it must be wrong to impose a religion on that child to give that child the bother of perhaps renouncing the religion later on! Some people suffer a lot as they make the transition from believer to non-believer. You claim that baptism confers an obligation on the child to believe and obey the faith that baptises it.  You are making out that if a child rejects the baptism or church membership that the child is letting you down and breaking loyalty and has no sense of duty to the faith.  You are urging the child to live up to the baptism on pain of sin and everlasting torment in Hell.  In other words, you are acting like a spiritual bully.  You are a bigot.


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