Total depravity is a Protestant view based on how the Bible says that until we are touched by the grace and healing of Jesus we are enemies of God.  Original sin describes the notion that we are born willing to sin if we could so God is not in us.

The Catholic Church claims, and refutes the sincerity of its sermons against sectarianism, that the unsaved can do good works but these works are not pleasing to God though it says they are not sinful which is an improvement on total depravity. It is a milder form of the total depravity idea. Good works only merit a divine reward and please God when they are done with his help and grace.

The Church alleges that until original sin is removed to make you a child of God in the sacrament of baptism you cannot merit anything from God because the Bible says that there is no merit until Jesus saves. But if God turns up his nose at the good works of those who are unbaptised and they are good then God is evil and unjust. The people are doing their best. A God who insults sincerity is truly malignant. If he is not then total depravity is true and the good works are really hidden sins.

The doctrine of total depravity and the Catholic modified version are both very hurtful and grossly politically incorrect. How can the Church be an effective voice against racism with that sectarianism? The Church can’t want to be as long as it maintains that God is good for giving babies the grace of salvation in baptism though they have done neither good or bad and then refusing it to good men and women and children just because they never got a sprinkle. How unfair this is!

Original sin is in essence my self-will. It is the desire to get my own way and not God’s. But that never goes away because anything I do I know I do it to satisfy some urge in me. Even if I dash to the vet with my neighbour’s sick dog I am doing it because I like to. I like it enough to do it even if say and feel I hate doing it. I am not doing it for God but for my feelings. I am like this all the time so baptism is just a rip off because it does not forgive original sin. It is still there as strong as ever. Moreover, the more good I do the further I am away from God’s will for then it is harder to see that I am motivated by good my way and not his way. The person who does good with a godless motive is nearly impossible to convert to God unlike the openly defiant sinner who sees her or his blackness in all its infernal grandeur. It is my perception of good I care about not his rules. Christian parents are only wasting their time and are being foolish if they think some water on their baby is going to help it and the world. All it does is start the child on a regime that grooms it for self-deception with all the harm that follows.

What the Church calls original sin, Humanism calls potential and actualised self-esteem and proper self-esteem is the root of all human goodness so the doctrine of original sin is totally destructive and any believer that escapes this destruction escapes in so far as he or she accepts his or her right to be his or her own God. Self-will or original sin permeates all my thoughts and feelings and actions therefore the doctrine of total depravity is true assuming self-will is depravity. But it is undeniable that we are wholly anti-god. The Protestants have to believe that the Roman Church knows that total depravity is true and still it denies it so they would have to see it as a lying cult that blesses sin by pretending not to notice it.

What kind of person would look at a child in a cot that is not baptised and then genuinely love a God who excludes that child and asks you not to want that child in Heaven with you until it is baptised? Why Christianity that says this thing is so popular is a mystery that warns us to pay no heed to anybody who says there is evidence for the resurrection and all that other stuff for many Christians are habitually unreasonable.


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