Blind Bartimaeus and what his cure shows about Jesus Christ

Jesus when he was about to cure the allegedly blind Bartimaeus asks him what he can do for him. We don’t know if this is respect or for the sake of effect. Jesus could have been excusing failures by saying that the request for a cure was not sincere and he cannot force healing on a person who does not really want it. Naturally as the gospels expressly deny they are telling all may be picking the best stories.  We are not going to be told about Jesus trying to raise somebody from the dead who stayed dead.

The story is upheld as an example of Jesus healing for no reason but love and respect.  That is a complete lie.  Jesus supposedly cast out a demon from a girl he never met or spoke to because her mother asked.  The Widow's son did not ask to be raised from the dead but he did.  If Jesus really heals not as a sign to any level but purely out of love then it is insane how no miracle to feed the children of the world instantly is happening.  It makes no sense.  It is a sign no matter how much Jesus and his cronies say it is about love it is not. And they have to know it. 

The girl was the daughter of a pagan lady who Jesus said was a dog unfit to get anything from the table.  Jesus only helped her not out of love but because as a pagan she was bad and his casting the demon out was like, "I am taking it out for it is your own fault and it shows what you are."

Bart was a safe bet for like most blind men in those days he was not blind but a scammer. Bart may have wanted a way out of his lifestyle.

That Jesus asked him what was he needed shows it was either not obvious that he was blind or he was a fake.

Nothing in the story shows that Jesus was the kind of man who would never treat the person as something to be pitied so he could look like the better man. That would not be treating him as a person who needed respect for his dignity and care. Bart could be an excuse just for a miracle which would mean Jesus didn't really value him. Bart asking for a cure and Jesus giving it does not prove that Jesus was about treating him as a person and not as a case for a miracle. He was a person not an opportunity.  But Jesus made him one.


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