If as Judaism says and as history says, Jesus is not the Christ or Messiah or real king of the Jews then he is the antichrist assuming God plans to send a real Messiah.  Daniel 11:37 says antichrist will be homosexual and there are evidences that Jesus was a practicing homosexual.  He never dated a woman as far as we know but in the gospel of Mark he is found with a lad who is semi-naked in the garden on the night of his arrest.

The most important prophecy for the early Church was the one where Moses told the people that a prophet like him would come from the Jews.  This is taken to be about Jesus.

First, Jesus race is not certain.  The gospel of John seems to indicate that he was not a real Jew.

Second, Moses was sinful and Jesus supposedly was not.  Moses did not claim to be God's son and Jesus supposedly did.

Third, Jesus did hardly anything that Moses did.  He did not lead the people out of slavery to Rome.  Moses supposedly led Israel away from its Egyptian task masters.  Jesus did not do the vindictive miracles Moses did that left children dead.

Fourth, Moses murdered and we don't know if Jesus murdered or not.

Fifth, Moses died peacefully and Jesus died on a cross.

Sixth, Moses died and was buried in secret by God.  It is possible that the earliest believers thought Jesus vanished after dying on the cross and was buried by God in secret.  Then the next layer was to lie that Jesus was buried in secret by disciples who found the tomb empty.

Some Christians believe that Roman Catholicism is Satan's prize counterfeit.  They think it is a trick to make people think they are made holy by God when in fact they are not so that they will be eternally damned if they die without leaving the Church. 

The Book of Revelation speaks of the Great Whore, a religion of outward appearances that carries a chalice and wears the Catholic colours of red and purple who sits on the seven hills of Rome and fools the world.  She boasts she is not a widow meaning she claims to be the bride of Christ.

Revelation 17 speaks of the whore and her beast that she is so closely associated with. The beast was once. The beast then was not, that is ceased to exist. The beast then lived again. This could be the Roman Catholic Jesus who like the Jesus of the apostles lived and died and rose again. He is the beast for he is not Jesus but a clever counterfeit. The beast went into perdition after its return to life signifying that Rome will soon turn its god into pure evil. The apostle Paul warned against other Jesuses meaning the Jesus of people who seemed to be speaking of his Jesus but who didn't believe the right things about him. For Paul who believed that Jesus died to atone for sins in our stead anybody coming along believing in Jesus but who had a different idea of what Jesus did was offering another Jesus. For Paul, to have wrong ideas about Jesus' role as saviour was to have the wrong Jesus just as much as it would be if somebody said that Jesus was not the saviour but Ezekiel was and that this Ezekiel did the things that Jesus did in the gospels.
Revelation 13 says that the whole earth will honour an idol of the beast that was wounded by a sword and still lived and there will be miracles in its support and nobody was allowed to sell or buy anything without the number of the beast which was 666.

666 fits Nero for the letters in his name add up to it in Roman numerals but the details about him do not suggesting that Revelation is either false prophecy or it is about somebody else here. The author said his readers would know who 666 was if they studied a minute. But perhaps these readers had other prophecies too that would have given them the clue for they must have had when the author expected them to listen to his rambling and bizarre book meaning they were used to that type of thing. The evidence is against the Nero identification and there is no evidence for it. Nero did not get the whole world to worship him. It may be that you are supposed to tell from world events who the 666 is and not just the prophecy. This would mean that there is no justification for the Nero interpretation.  Nero is a dying and rising being in Revelation so is Nero being used a figure of the Catholic Jesus?

666 makes sense in the Latin tongue so it is clear that the Whore of Babylon has to be Rome.  The whore is called woman and woman is used in the Bible as a metaphor for God’s people. The Church called woman.  The whore then is a bad woman and the false Church.  The beast she sits on is Roman Catholic politics and rule as represented by its king, the Catholic Jesus.
The New Jerusalem, representing the saved Christian Church, according to Revelation is 12 by 12 by 12. These dimensions are a counterpoint to the number of the Beast 666. This is intended to show us something. The Beast as 6 6 6 is really half of 12 12 12. The Beast then represents the false Christian Church which is only half right but because of its dark other half it is a beast and an abomination. It is called a beast to show that we must abhor its doctrines and consider them animal and not human.

The number of the Christian Trinity is 3. It has been said that 333 x 2 is 666 and this is what Revelation is getting at. 333 stands for the Trinity. The 2 stands for the two natures in Jesus Christ. If so, then all faiths that teach that God is three persons and that Jesus is by nature fully man and by nature fully God are satanic and blasphemous. Some Catholics say that 333 is the symbol of divinity so whoever is 666 is putting himself above God. The previous explanation is better because Revelation itself should contain the clues of the meaning of the 666. And we are given that by it being half of 12 12 12.

Some authorities say that 888 is Jesus’ number and 777 is the number of perfection. So 666 is in between them and the odd one out and stands for a sinful imitation of Jesus.

The number 666 and the alternative in some manuscripts 616 make a code and when translated into Hebrew spell out Neron Kesar in both cases.  This can be taken as a hint that 666 is not Nero for why should a copyist error make that name out too?

Interestingly, the Book of Genesis says that man was made on day 6 of the creation.  And the serpent was also created day 6.  This creature led Eve and Adam into sin. God then rests on the seventh day indicating that the creation we are told is "very good" had been completed and perfect.  I would take 6 to be the number of man thinking he is God or as good as.  The 666 person falls short of the 777 indicating God meaning that God is unimpressed with this person's supposed divinity.

Two prophets, two witnesses to the faith are described as murdered for the gospel in the end times.  Revelation says so.  Were Peter and Paul the two witnesses?  Did Nero kill them? No tradition says they were Peter and Paul.  And the emperor did not kill them.  They seem to be end time figures in a world devoid of true religion.  Jesus then did not succeed in keeping his truth on earth for it is is not the truth.  His Church failed.  The false Jesus then is the one worshipped.

The Jesus of the Catholics is the Beast. St Paul condemned those who honoured Jesus but who had a different gospel from his for their Jesus was a fake and not the real Jesus.


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