Those who say they believe in miracles forget they believe in other people's belief in them not in the miracles!

I believe I know x is an excellent artist for my friend says so. I will feel I know x. I don't. I really believe in my friend not x. I believe in my friends word that x is good and that is nothing like me actually knowing x.
Faith in religion and in miracles does not exist. What happens is that you have faith in other people's faith in them. You have faith that they have faith but they like you have faith that you have faith. In other words, we believe many things just because we are moved by the belief of others. We cherry-pick the others who move us. The believer has not respected atheists enough to be moved by them but chooses say religious people.
Sometimes conditioning plays a role. We may think we believe in things not realising we are programmed to accept them. Suppose you are Christian or taken to be and think you are. Being conditioned means you are not a proper believer at all for genuine belief is a head and heart response to the evidence given to you by a loving God. Evidence would be a gift from God. Some religionists if not all are completely conditioned. The differences between them in belief though they were exposed to the same religious data and experience is taken to be evidence that they are not. It is not. Nobody responds to conditioning the same way and each person perceives things differently. In fact if they were reasonable and careful and true lovers of truth there would be more agreement. The differences then are evidence of conditioning.
There is no evidence that miracles and magic have ever taken place. Evidence that they seem to is not evidence that they have. You will say you don't know what it is - nature after all is still largely mysterious to us and physics says it can rarely do odd things and the supernatural is a complete mystery if it exists - or you will say that it may be a fraud or lie for many of those have been uncovered.
You cannot prove that even if an amputee gets a new leg in an instant that it is really a miracle or supernatural. Maybe aliens are doing it somehow - they have the technology for doing incredible magic tricks. Maybe you have something wrong with your head though it is otherwise okay.
What believers and religion do is say, "The witnesses of some miracles believed they experienced them therefore they probably happened." People believing the miracle happened is not evidence that the miracle happened. To depend on people is to say that we cannot know for sure if the miracle was real or a fake or a mistake.
Though belief should be directed by evidence belief can turn into bias and be its enemy.
Believing every miracle report because the witnesses seem to believe it is exactly the same thing as believing a miracle report without trying to check it out. Checking them out for honesty is no good. It is still not evidence that a miracle has taken place. The reason honesty is not enough is because the evidence shows that honest people have been wrong about such stuff.
You can never have evidence for the supernatural from others. You need to see the miracle yourself if you want to avoid believing just because others believe. You need to see the miracle yourself instead of believing because you believe in them for that is really not belief in the miracle but belief in them.
If belief in a miracle is irrational or risks being irrational then clearly to try and believe because others say it happened is even more irrational and risky. If a miracle belief is rational on the face of it believing in it because others say so is irrational.
You can only have evidence that people believe they have experienced or seen it. Thus you never really believe in a miracle - you cannot believe in that which has no evidence. You can only believe in those who say the miracle happened.
Most or all people accept supernatural beliefs because they think the beliefs are about what cannot be checked out. Therefore you don't need much sober thought and can in your laziness accept them because you don't need to think or want to think. Transcendental Meditation famously exploded all over the world because many practitioners claimed the power to levitate. That was easily disproved but it did not stop it getting converts. It only went out of fashion. It was not discarded for being nonsense.
Miracle believers disguise how their faith is really just blind trust that does not care about the evidence. They lie about their love of the evidence and they are not motivated by this love to believe. Believers go on the slippery slope to flying planes into skyscrapers in the name of God. If they don't get that far some certainly will. Once you advocate blind obedience you say in principle that if you are asked to murder for God then you should do it.

Miracle believers do not only believe because others believe, they cherry pick the same miracles as them to believe.  Christians deny that the Qur'an is the miracle text dictated by God that it claims to be.  They deny the Muslim testimony that they discern that miracle origin clearly simply by studying the text.  They undermine the sanity of Muslims.  They won't affirm that the Muslim religious experience in that respect is valid.  They are not prepared to put a miracle they see such as a brick floating in mid-air above even the resurrection of Jesus which nobody today can testify to.

The Christian miracle believer compartmentalises.  You would be considered touched in the head if you ran after every report or was always on the lookout for miracles.  Yet if miracles happen that would be fine.  You try to make the belief sound saner than it is by being selective.  That is why you believe in pre-selected miracles.  There is no honesty in cherry picking.

A miracle is a miracle and so to cherry-pick is a way of calling miracles unreliable while going into denial about it.  It is no surprise then that people protect their miracle or magical beliefs from being shown flimsy or false.  Examples.  The medium won't be too clear and the clients themselves want the vagueness.  Messages from John do not carry the same presence as even a minute in John's company would when he was alive. It does not sound or feel the same.  And nobody in the séance room cares.  The praying person will perhaps feel that the Holy Spirit has given them guidance and inspiration about some issue.  Yet they do not expect the Holy Spirit to transmit this truth to the associate working with them on the issue who is also praying.  The Holy Spirit if he lives in both should be able to transmit messages to them both.  Prayer like the medium deliberately goes after things that maybe happen anyway and is careful not to be too detailed.  The person wants to feel that they did something by praying or whatever even if it is not true.
Truth is not a democracy. It does not care how you feel or what you feel. It does not respect your pick and mix approach to truth claims.  Religion manipulates people who don't want to face the truth.  People let this be done to them.  They manipulate themselves.  The person believes that they believe things.  That is not the same thing as believing the things properly.  They are internalising the belief they think others have.


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