“When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything”.  So says the Catholic writer Chesterton. But let us mine his true meaning.  He is saying that if you choose not to believe in a God who commands you to believe in Catholicism you end up believing in any crazy or superstition or religious nonsense.

But what if God is just an anything himself?  What if it is like you can believe in any new rubbish say if you stop believing in your Tarot cards? 

Anything can be a God to a person.  Chesterton says that money might be your God but it cannot connect with you as in a relationship.  So God is someone that connects with you.  That does not help.  You are deciding what prompts are coming from God and what feelings.  That is you connecting to yourself and calling it God.  It is believing that God is guiding you that is the problem. Maybe if you believe God is guiding you, you can believe in anything. Or if you think the notions of your subconscious mind and random inspirations are from God you already are showing an example of believing in just anything. A long-term arbitrary notion is still an arbitrary notion. You don't have to keep changing your mind every ten seconds.  This amiable God is even worse than superstitious fancies.

God makes it reasonable by doing a miracle to suspect the witness of being a fraud or mad.  It is not David Hume we can blame for that.  That is the first thing that has to be suspected when faced with such a claim.  Miracles are supposed to show what ideas about God are valid. For Christians and Muslims they show how God is master of nature for he made it from nothing.  Now he creates health where there was only sickness.  But how can they when they demand a measure of cynical judgment?  Is God full of mischief?


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