Is our Existence and Creation Good or Bad or Neutral?

A perfect God who is love would not need anything outside himself. God is said to have made all things out of pure kindness and generosity. He did not need to make us creatures. Interestingly that implies that he made us for ourselves and not for him. He didn't make us for himself for he doesn't need us.
It is better, worse or as good as bad to make the universe. If it is worse then God is not intrinsically perfect and needs to create. If it is worse God is not God for evil is madness and what is made is just not supreme. And creation is not neutral because it is better for us to exist as individuals than for us not to. Life is valuable regardless of whether it is happy or not. Or whether it is an evil life or a good one. So the more people the better. Clearly then, God had to create to be good. Christianity denies this so it is an evil religion. For God to be God he would have to be self-sufficient and need to create nothing. Belief in God then is evil for it implies that God didn’t have to make us.
Why bother creating if it is neutral? It would still be neutral if nothing were made. It makes more sense to take it easy and do nothing in that case if one is self-sufficient.
 So, our existence refutes the existence of God. If it did not then it would be plain that God would do arbitrary miracles therefore to believe in God would be to become unable to trust anything. God could be playing tricks on you all the time. If he were arbitrary and irrational, rationalism would be a vice.
Religion says that one form of love is to keep something in existence. So it argues that as the creator makes us and keeps us in existence so that we don't turn back into nothing that the creator loves us. But is it love to keep a being in existence when it suffers to the hilt forever? Do parents that feed us but do nothing else for us really love us? It does not follow from our existence that God really loves us if he exists. Making something does not imply you care about it.


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