Any Bible concordance can show that the texts saying God loves are outnumbered by ones that call him holy as in angry and intolerant of sin and evil. See Psalm 7:11, Deuteronomy 32:43, Revelation 19:1-3, for example. The New Testament is no exception to this feature. The Qur'an too has texts about God's anger more than texts about his mercy and compassion.

The suffering of Jesus on the cross is seen as atonement for sin in the New Testament but also as showing what Jesus would get if he sinned. It shows what hate of sin means and tries to show that sin is so bad it deserves and demand that treatment. It is obvious that if you hate sinners you are better off not admitting it. Being that brutal on sin proves you do hate sinners. God hates sinners and believers use him to hate sinners for them. They agree with his judgement which makes them as bad.




The Bible for Christians is the inspired word of God which means it should be treated as if God personally wrote it even if he did not. The Old Testament may preach that God is theocratic ruler of the Israelite people but nothing shows that God at any time regarded Israel as the ideal society. He gave it punitive laws which shows that he gave it ideals it always fell short of. God sees Israel though as better than other nations though it was still terrible. This ungodly and rebellious state was still authorised by God to kill people by stoning them to death! He forced it to do so by threat of punishment and ordered it to kill.


A culture that executes for murder soon finds many innocent people are put to death for what they did not do. One that commands execution for adultery or gay sex or heresy or witchcraft like Israel did will have an even worse score with executing the innocent.

God's idea is that sinners of a certain kind are so intolerable it is worth risking the innocent being slain.

The atmosphere of hate is enough to warrant spitting on the Bible and condemning the Christian stupidity and hypocrisy that protects it from the rancour it needs.


But there are texts commanding hate too and they say God not only inspired them but purport to be direct speech from God.


THERE ARE HATE MONGERING REVELATIONS FROM GOD is a source consulted for this research


Because God loves all that is good and sincere he hates all sin, all that is bad and insincere. Sin that demands no punishment from God and no hatred is not sin at all. It would be sinful and immoral to in any way find sin acceptable. Christians argue that whatever you think of the horrific death of Jesus, if it is not God incarnate paying for our sins then it would be if that were possible. It is still a declaration about how terrible and intolerable sin is. If judgementalism is bad then it is bad to worship God for his love means opposition to sin and his opposition to sin means love. It is two sides of the same coin. The notion of a God of non-violence is nonsense for even a saint cannot avoid enabling violence or agreeing to it in some way. Violence starts with opposing some evil or perceived evil severely. A non-violent God is just a concept for hypocrites. Lying about such a thing only helps violence to erupt and fuels it. It stops the problem being diagnosed.




Psalm 109 asks God that your enemies prayer may become sin. It asks for the enemy to be destroyed and the children left fatherless.   God wanted it sung in public worship so he approves of it.


Christians say that God abandons those who refuse him to their own sins and the consequences of the sins and the consequences of the sins of others.


St John Chrysostom said of stubborn sinners, “God leaves them to their own devices. God abandons the evildoer but he does not impel him towards evil. What else could He do? Use force, compel them? This is not the way to make men virtuous. The only thing He could do was let them be.”


Homily on Romans 3.

Some think that is unloving.

The Christian answer is that God lets this evil happen on account of free will. And also he can still bring good out of the evil even if not for the obstinate sinners. They say that sometimes you need to be abandoned and to degrade yourself before you can realise that repentance is the best decision. 

The Christians are not telling the full story. First, a sinner is said to be prone to delusion for sin is a delusion. So God abandoning the sinner is indeed evil.


Second, Christian doctrine insists that there is no attraction to God unless God inspires it.  So there is no such thing as literally going so far down that the only way up is to take a step to God.


We conclude then that God is to blame when a sinner is left to his sin and so God is worse than the sinner.


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