The Birds being Silent at Medjugorje

The apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje continue from 1981 until today. The Church is sceptical that the current visions are real.

There seems to be more interest in the miracles surrounding the visions rather than the miracle of the visions themselves. 

The visions went on during the brutal Bosnian war.

As the book Our Lady of the Nations by Chris Maunder tells us "Medjugorje was claimed to have miraculously escaped bombing (a more mundane explanation is the presence of UN and Red Cross garrisons because of the convenience of accommodation built for pilgrims)".  The book says that Croatian nationalism probably did not inspire the visions and even the critics of the visions say that.  But it says that during the war the vision of Medjugorje was seen as protector of the Croats.  There is no quote from the vision or the visionaries that I know of that forbids that misuse.  They are complicit then in driving the Croats to hail bloodshed under the banner of Mary's protection.  It is an insult to say that your village should be protected from war and bombings just because Mary is supposedly appearing in it.  Other people in other villages matter as much as your own.

The same book argues that people like Weible make out that Medjugorje unites Catholics and Protestants and Muslims. But Hall 1994 met very few Protestants there in 1991 and it is mainly Catholics.  The idea of Medjugorje being an ecumenical miracle is just another lie.  Gerry Hughes is another person who provides evidence that that is just nonsense.

So there is no shortage of lies SURROUDING the visions.  The lies actually serve Medjugorje more than the alleged visions do!  Here is another popular myth.

Some believers in Medjugorje say the birds miraculously go silent during the alleged apparitions.  No careful study and no scientific assessments have been  undertaken.  And why are such reports uncommon and hard to come by?  You get the impression that as not every group is going to hear the birds it has something to do with that.  And there are believing witnesses who say they heard the birds during an apparition.  "i was happy. Any way as we sat there, I said to my sister, hey! listen to the birds, the birds all of a sudden began to sing. One bird was chirping out with all its' might, as if it wanted to give a solo performance above the other birds. I looked at my watch and it was ten minutes to 9. We were told this is when Blessed Mother is appearing to Visionary. When I told my sister, she said, "oh! this is giving me goose pimples".  If i felt any message from that experience, it would be Blessed Mother saying to me, give Praise and Glory and Thanks to God our Heavenly Father for this precious present moment, just like His little creatures, the birds. I am convinsed those who are not at Blue Cross or within the church should sing praises and loving psalms to Our Heavenly Father while the apparition is taking place. Just my personal feeling. Someone told me the birds do sing during apparition, may be some of you will alredy know of this. It was news to me. I hope Leo filmed during the apparition on 2nd October; because, when the birds were all singing, it made me think of Heaven and I looked up and noticed a large cloud in the shape of a triangle over St. James's church. It was not until later when we walked down towards the Risen Christ statue, by then, an hour or so had passed and we were in the open; that I noticed there were no other clouds in the sky, and the big cloud formation had drifted over Cross Mountain on its' way to where ever it was going."

Louise Hall said, "My mother remembers the six young children -- Ivanka, Mirjana, Vicka, Marija, Ivan and Jakov -- falling to their knees. Silence engulfed the room and the only sound from outside was the chirping of the birds whose song seemed to welcome the apparition. My mother felt a warm, comforting presence, one that had a profound effect of her."


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