Blasphemy laws conflict with the right of freedom of speech. The Church has used them to prevent anybody finding out that its doctrines are deceitful or from telling anybody that they are. It is what you would expect when a religion is man-made and wants to masquerade as the voice and authorised representative of an unerring God. It has to hide its man-made origins.

God cannot be harmed by blasphemy if he is omnipotent. If God is attractive as religion says, it follows that people don't insult or mock him but a caricature of him. Religion nevertheless has it in its Bibles that blasphemy must be punished by the Law. Under the Law of God given through Moses the penalty for blasphemy was a cruel death to be administered by God's people. The Bible which Jesus supposedly wrote says that blasphemers are to be put to death and that this is a divine command. If you are Christian and would not persecute or jail blasphemers, you will still agree with God having made those laws in days gone by. You are making the evil of those laws part of you. The evil is no less real because it is just internalised. If you were in those times you would persecute blasphemers. It is in you, in your heart.

Religion wants blasphemers punished though religion can provide no evidence that its doctrines are true and sacred and worth punishing blasphemers for. People you can see come before a God you cannot see or prove.

As long as blasphemy remains an offence, a country cannot be considered to comprehend or fully value human rights. Religion says blasphemy is wrong. In theory, the Law can outlaw whatever it chooses as long as the action is wrong. To condemn blasphemy is to confess the Law has the right to punish blasphemy if it decides to and to make anti-blasphemy laws. Religion is dangerous.

Secularism ignores religion and supernatural beliefs and so it refuses to enforce them or encourage them or punish those who insult them. Religion and supernatural beliefs give people more stuff to be offended by and that is bad in itself. If people want faith, the faith should only contain beliefs and attitudes and ethics that mean minimal or no harm is done should the faith prove to be false.


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