Christianity cannot give you a prediction from the Old Testament that the Messiah would rise from the dead.  To distract from that plot hole it fires other predictions at you instead.

Here is a major one.

Psalm 34:20. The just man’s bones shall not be broken.

Alleged Fulfilment. Jesus’ bones were not broken.

New Testament Interpretation. The same according to John 19:36.

The Truth. The psalm is not speaking of Jesus for the context says that the man whose bones are looked after is rescued from all trouble by God which the New Testament says did not happen to Jesus. The psalm doesn’t claim to be a prophecy. And absolutely no evidence is offered in the New Testament that Jesus’ bones were not broken. John says Jesus fulfilled the prophecy when his bones were undamaged. But he never says he was sure of this. How could he be for he was not a doctor and corpses can have broken bones that are unnoticeable. It is dishonest to use a prophecy like that.

Worse, the claim that a bone of his will not be broken, as John quoted it, which is the exact wording is not the original wording. The Hebrew original states that not a bone of it will be broken while the Septuagint changed the it to a he.

Even if Jesus’ legs had been broken, the Christians would have assumed they were not. When the body was out of the way they knew they would get away with it. When they read his life back into the Old Testament they would have paid no attention to this psalm. In other words, the reference to no bones breaking could mean that the Christians took it for granted that Jesus’ bones did not break even if the soldiers did try to smash his knees. They would say they did not succeed in smashing them though it looked as if they did because God made the bones unbreakable. Had the bones been smashed the Christians might say that the restoration of the bones and their healing in the resurrection would be what the prophet meant. Or they might say that the Romans and Jews inspired by Satan chose to pretend that Jesus' knees did break.
The New Testament says the Jews wanted the three men on the crosses including Jesus to have their legs smashed to kill them. If they couldn't use their legs to take a breath they would die rapidly.  The Romans complied but didn't bother with Jesus as he was dead already. It is hard to believe that as legs had to be broken even if the person seemed dead on the cross just to make sure, that Jesus was exempted. The New Testament is anxious to deny that Jesus got any broken bones from his horrible death but if he was nailed to the tree and pierced by a spear bone breakage had to happen. The crucified ankle found in Jerusalem has the nail jutting out from the side.

Some versions of what Jesus said at the last supper go, "This is my body which is broken for you."  His breaking of the bread while saying that is a prophecy in action.  If I did not want to convey that image, I would use a knife on the bread.  Then I would give it to each of them.  THEN I would say, "This is my body which is given for you."  That avoids indicating that the body will be broken up.  If Jesus expected to be mangled and broken up in the communal dump for criminals then we would expect him to do what the gospels say he did.

The Turin Shroud shows a head that is not part of the body and a leg that seems broken...it is not real but some think it is... best then given a mention!


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