One night love, go for it (if it is your thing!)

Casual sex may be empty of the strong affection that may exist between a couple.

But there are other kinds of affection.

It is love to want to give pleasure to the other person and to enjoy doing so.

It is love to do your best to protect yourself and the other person from diseases and unwanted pregnancy during sex.

There are those who say that only those who deeply love one another should have sex.

But even the warmest love can fade and lessen and do they ask the people in a relationship where this happens to refrain from sex then?

Confining sex to committed relationships is no guarantee that the sex will be good. It is no guarantee that the sex will not spread diseases.

If we are going to forbid casual sex we will have to forbid masturbation.

If casual sex causes problems then demonising it as a grave sin is not going to help and is not an option.


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