A good refutation of Catholicism's development of doctrine theory

Atheism does not wage and start wars

Attempts to fuse morality and God give only an amoral god

Bible God forbids divorce and robs child brides of justice

Bible Never Says Jesus Was God

Cases of people with suspect miraculous stigmata

Catholic Church does not really believe in Venial Sin

Catholic demonisation of sexual rights

Catholic divorce ban is not about protecting children

Catholic doctrine on charity or love of God and neighbour

Catholic doctrine on the ordination of deacons

Catholic expert exposes Medjugorje fairy tales

Catholicism has added books illicitly to the Bible

Catholicism is divisive and violates inclusive standards

Catholicism tries to make out that sex is dirty

Catholicism's EVIL Doctrine about Hell

Children don't need indoctrination from religion

Chilling story of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Christianity is the biggest catalyst of cognitive dissonance

Church should preach what people want to hear when it takes their money

Cons have you praying for vague things that will happen anyway

Cruel of Catholic Church to ban divorce

Decrees against Medjugorje visions

Defection from Roman Catholicism is a Human Right!

Defending a Protestant against a Catholic priest critic

Defending ethical egoism which says I should make it all about me

Denial of free will and guilt

Denial of free will and reason

Diana Basile and her manufactured cure at Medjugorje

Diognetus shows that gospels were unknown

Discussing religious truth claims

Dissonance Theory drives religion and fools it to think it is sensible

Disturbing elements in the faith of the Catholics

Divine command doctrine summary

Divine mercy chaplet and its dubious origin

Divine punishment and how it is a toxic doctrine

Divorce in the New Catholic Encyclopaedia

Do atheists really have faith?

Do miracles comfort or is that a myth?

Do not fear death and why faith is not needed

Docetism where Jesus was declared a ghost in early Church

Does a creed appearing soon after Jesus make his story plausible?

Does God give rewards?

Does it matter if evil is just an absence or a real power?

Dogmatic upbringing versus non-dogmatic

Domino Effect apparently refutes consequentalist ethics

Don't mock the afflicted

Don't pick on the individual religionist to excuse the religion

Double application is an attempt to twist the Bible to favour Jesus

Double standard of saying LGBT sexual love is unnatural

Drop the books the Roman Church added to the Bible

Dunnes Stores when it stopped stocking Rosary Style Necklaces

Evidence that Jesus was Mentally Ill

Faith in God is a sign of having a disassociative disorder

Faith in miracles does us no real good, isn't needed

God asking you to generalise, "Suffering is part of a plan" is abhorrent

God the executioner and the God of executioners

I don't need God to be good

In defence of situation ethics

Is a moral God the default?

Is divine revelation credible or devoid of good sense?

Is formal defection only about marriage law?

Is it true that your feelings always tell you lies?

Is the Medjugorje vision the Devil pretending to be Mary?

Is your spiritual DNA Catholic if you are baptised?

Jesus did not command holy communion

Jesus said divorce is adultery and meant it

Love sinner and hate sin may sound profound but is deceit

Magic and the domino effect and why magic is nonsense

Mortal and venial sin and charity in Catholic doctrine

No country should welcome pope and should not pay for him

Priests absolving sins is a dogma of the Catholic Church

Question of divine simplicity is God simple in himself?

Religion and dogma and how they lead to thought "crimes"

Religion and Eternal Damnation are a marriage made in hell

Religion distorts morality just as it does history and reason

Religion Hurts by John Bowker attempts to define religion

Religious doctrine undermines the not all bad excuse for bad religion

Roman Catholicism and indoctrination

Rubbish advice about sickness!

Scriptures teach all suffer to the extreme in Hell

Should any baby ever be disrespected by being baptised?

Should prisoners on death row be allowed the right to die?

Some of Jesus Mythicist Earl Doherty's thoughts

Taking a look at the divorce law in the Book of Deuteronomy

The Deeper Questions and how to think about them

The defending of blame in a culture that hates being blamed

The doctrine of the damned stirs religious hate

The doctrine that a woman's uterus is not for her but her baby

The Error that Jesus is God

The Rich Man & Lazarus Story looked at by a scholar

Was Jesus left on cross to be eaten by dogs?

Was Jesus sentenced to death by God for our sins?

What about the idea of God being untrustworthy in things?

What is done is done and thinking about this as a lesson

When Doctors Recommend Religious Faith!

When the law gives exemptions for your deeply held beliefs

When you need a crutch to get through life, what is the minimum?

Why argument that all needs God already has assumed it needs him

Why even if saints should not be idols we will make them ones

Why I would not serve God

Why is Christianity so prone to schism?

Wisdom opposes doctrine that God trains us with evil

You don't feel your free will but you just think you do!

You have no right to theorise about God's cruel plan

Your Bible God commands the death penalty





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