A look at excommunication in the Catholic Church

A religion corrupting the good person is enough to ban it

Am I good because I say so or because some standard says it?

An excuse for forgiving refuted

An expert refutes Jesus as being God

An eye for an eye the Bible God's rule for revenge

An open letter to Bible preachers to be

Bible God and Jesus command hatred of sin

Bigger and badder the doctrines the more proof you need for miracles

Can being LGBT and Catholic NOT be mutually exclusive?

Can evil be defined simply as a lack of truth?

Can have strong evidence that a non-miracle is a miracle

Can religious faith be evidence-based?

Catholic sacrament of extreme unction

Christians treat evil as an intelligent higher power, a slaveowner

Dangers of belief in Divine Grace

Deuteronomy 30 has God promising earthly rewards for obedience

Did Jesus die merely as good example?

Different religions cannot pray together

Do we have to work on our characters forever? Eternal imperfection?

Does evil, crime or sin punish itself?

Early Church had no pope in any real sense

Ecstasy Trance during apparitions is just a show when public

Electing the pope if you think the Vatican is no longer authorised

Emmerich her hallucinations about Jesus and Mary

Epiphe-nomenalism says your body causes your mind not vice versa

Esoteric side of Jesus was to blame for early sectarian hate

Essay on Peter's preaching

Essay on practical Christian apologetics

Essay on science and miracles

Essay on Science and the Bible and their seeming conflict

Eternal hypocrisy about eternal punishment from God

Eternal punishment is just a cover for justifying hate

Ethical satisfaction theory of the atonement of Jesus

Ethical scepticism asks if maybe morality is pure fantasy?

Ethics and morality in the light of faith

Euthanasia and the afterlife

Euthanasia is it right or wrong or sometimes neither?

Euthypro Dilemma proves God worship is self-worship

Evangelising a child is indoctrinating even if you don't mean to

Evangelism seems to be Christians manipulating people to convert

Everybody is Wrong about God by Lindsay on the evidence for God

Evidence that a miracle violates nature?

Evidence that Jesus could have fueled his reputation with trickery

Evidentialism and importance of evidence establishing religion

Evil allows for God rather than indicates God?

Evil and excessive evil could be just split hairs?

Evil as evidence against God but is there good without God?

Evil be thou God's good

Evil in the Catholic Bible condoned by its God

Evil is not an act but a sum of acts

Evil is not bad but just a subtraction is a Christian doctrine!

Evil may as well be pure evil for you experience it like a reality

Evil not a thing is a Christian excuse for God allowing suffering

Evolution is a definite refutation of God's love

Examples of religion forcing people to convert

Excommunication and religion, when a religion safeguards its doctrine

Excuse-makers for violent religion

Excuses for errors in the infallible Bible

Excuses for violent scriptures answered

Exegesis regarding Paul's letter referring to the resurrection

Existentialism lets you determine what value you are and have

Experience, consciousness, give truths about atheism and freedom

Expert opinion on if it is sick to be religious

Extremist can be 1% of you and why it is as bad as 100%

Genesis and the theory of evolution

God being an excuse for doing nothing for others

God makes you guess about evil when it is too serious to be guessed about

Hateful God of the Book of Exodus

Have to make excuses to believe in miracles

Hell as in the post-mortem Place of Eternal Torment

How can law deal with religion looking for exemptions from discrimination laws?

How religion tries to discredit science that opposes God

If evil has a power or uses power it will get its own back on you

If evil is not "real" it can still dominate

If evil is not real then it is not the opposite of anything

In Defence of Evidence in refutation of Super-sceptics

Is everybody a fundamentalist?

Is everything a miracle or does that make the definition too thin?

Is evil just a good that falls short or is that trivialising it?

Is it enough if an explanatory worldview is coherent?

Is it right to call somebody an evil person?

Is religion an excuse for violence?

Is science concerned with ex nihilo creation?

Is the last supper story history?

It is evil to condone violent and harmful holy books from God

It is nasty to say evil is merely good of the wrong kind

Jesus should not be worshipped just as the Father is worshipped?

Jesus story was stolen from the Elisha Elijah tales by Mark

Jesus uses the threat of sin to scare you off thinking Satan was helping him

Lindsay's Everybody is Wrong about God has findings on morality

Mark 15 lies about odd coincidences when Jesus died

Mass is a Catholic invention

Maybe Heaven is the real eternal punishment!!

Miracles and the burden of evidence

Morality that is just talk is empty morality

No Unbiased Evidence for Jesus Existence

Nobody ever experiences free will

Old Testament God says Moses's laws are irrevocable

Perhaps we have too much free will?

Personal experience in Christian faith

Porniea and is divorce permitted by Jesus for this sin?

Prayer is the affirmation of hypocrisy

Proof for existential egoism

Proof from suffering that speaking of God's love is nonsense

Questioning that miracles are an exception to nature

Religion and killing those who refuse to convert to it

Religion has a lack of empathy for suffering

Romans 1 is a major Bible chapter and summarises the worldview

Saints are the strange gods of the Pope

Saints are weaponised to control God but nobody admits it

Self-improvement through erotica

Should we just assume God is the neatest explanation and thus real?

Should we talk about extremists or absolutists? It's in the word!

Some thoughts from Lindsay's book, Everybody is wrong about God

The book Everybody is Wrong about God by James Lindsay

The Enigma of Medjugorje 1999

The eunuch in Acts 8 was not treated as an equal

The Euthrypho Dilemma asks is morality from God or not?

The experience of evil is real even if evil is not

The experts on God as projection

The hate doctrine of exclusive salvation

The True Christian sees sin in everything!

Thoughts on evil being absence of good

Thoughts on existentialism

Top thinkers deny the exception proves the rule outlook

Unceasing torment in Hell is a Cruel Lie!

Vitandus declares the Catholic invisible and an exile

What if evil has no purpose but just has to give way to good?

What if Evil is versus God not God versus evil?

Why belief in evil says it is inexcusable so there's no place for understanding

Why Christians have no right to say no evil refutes God

Why do evil people try to hide their evil and justify it?

Why Holy See should close its embassies

Why saying everything happens for a reason is shameful

Why something & not nothing question in the light of suffering/evil?

Zoning in on the credibility of the Apparitions of Emmitsburg





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