A theory will tell you how to disprove it as in Popper and falsification

About fear and how it drives religion

All faith is ultimately faith in yourself alone!

All the Bible Prophets Were Fakes

Apply falsification theory to what is said about God and he disintegrates

Bible fanatically forbids all lies

Bible salvation is by faith alone

By faith alone book shows how Protestantism is right that faith alone saves

Can LGBT be actively LGBT and also a good Catholic?

Can psychology say we have free will for we feel free?

Catholic fake sorrow for sin corrupts gradually and by osmosis

Christian faith is stubborn fearful arrogance

Compatibilists think free will is just freedom from compulsion

Concerns about religious fanaticism

Consciousness is not a religious or spiritual subject or mystery

Defending falsification theory against challenges

Different factions in a bad religion

Does feeling free mean we are free?

Facebook comments givenomoneytocatholicchurch

Facts on atheism and atheists

Failed solutions to Bible contradictions by the famous Haley

Faith as a cover for condoning divine evil

Faith doesn't need to be turned religious

Faith in evil spirits and how people can like it

Faith in Faith is happening more than faith in God

Faith in God is man's way of condoning divine evil by worsening it

Faith in religion is not a virtue, though it says it is

Faith is fantasy and says everything about you not God

Faith is not feeling and should be more mature than that!

FAITHEISM is reclaiming my right to answer only to me

Fake repentance for sin in the Catholic Church

Fanaticism in first Christians wrecks Christian credibility

Fantasist Faustina is a fake saint with her Divine Mercy devotion

Fatalism and God go together inevitably

Fathers are no help in showing Jesus existed

Feel love for God only

Feel that life is meaningful

Feeling free is not an argument for free will if God exists

Female Genital Mutilation

Feuerbach's The Essence of Christianity

Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong

Final choice is claimed to be the reason why Hell is eternal

Forgiveness is not owned by God or anybody

Formal Defection from Religion and the Law

Fr Eugene Greene Raphoe Donegal abuser

Franco let himself be the tool of Catholic cultism and intolerance

Free will and the doctrine of an evil nature

Free will is another pretended miracle claim

French Revolution and the persecuting ways of the Church

Futile attempts to rationalise futile scripture

Givenomoney2catholicchurch posts on religion on facebook

God's free will is crucial to creation doctrine

How faith in God amplifies the projection of evil unto others

How faith in God can fuel depression

How faith kills LGBT people in today's world

How religious faith invites you to violence

Human nature will invent threats if it sees none

If God breathes faith in you why do you still err with it?

Is Christian faith a work by which you attain eternal life with God?

Is loving sinner hating sin just describing forgiveness of sinners?

Is religious faith a private affair?

Is taking a leap of faith in God rational?

Is the fear of death a hint that there is a Hell?

Is the universe fine-tuned by God?

James letter does not deny Protestant notion that faith alone takes you to Heaven

Jerry Coyne and is book Faith versus Fact

Jesus' "founder effect" is toxic and adverse

Jesus formulated faith in a bigoted way to make thought-crimes

Jesus propped up anti-feminism and anti-women society

Jesus says that few will be saved and go to eternal bliss

Jesus tells a parable to try and derange people who fear Hell

Jesus uses the fig tree as a lesson for us

Jesus wants a dead man's corpse neglected

La Salette vision claims show a case for fraud

Love of neighbour as oneself harms the family

Mary is not appearing at Medjugorje

Minucius Felix attacks the crucifixion of Jesus

Moral Neutrality and the evil falls short of good theodicy

Mother Teresa of Calcutta forced religion on the dying

My critical facebook comments on the pope

No faith unity exists so a Church is just a social construct

Not all Catholics are really Catholic

Notion of faith being a grace has bad implications

Out of respect for suffering forsake God and forsake religion

Pascal was right, religious faith does evil best

Placebo is a lie and yet the Christian faith is a placebo

Popes Formosus and Stephen VII were archenemies!

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Questioning Self-Sacrifice and its alleged high frequency

Rational Feminism and granting true equality to women

Religion and forced conversion and what it really thinks!

Religion gives opinion while science offers facts

Religion unifies faith and love to bias towards miracle belief

Religious faith is a conspiracy theory

Religious faith is an unnecessary evil

Religious faith unlike other faith demands bias

Respecting religious belief and Catholicism

Sacrament of the Sick is fanatical nonsense

Taking away fear drives religious terrorist activity

The ally of the fanatic is worse or as bad

The dangerous marriage between placebo and faith healing

The feeling of being loved by God is your real God not God

The New Testament Documents by FF Bruce

Wake up about the good fruits argument for Medjugorje

What is really forgiving and what is faking it?

When faith is just lazy and an excuse to avoid learning

When Jesus said the flesh is useless for giving life

When religious dogma is put before people

Why consider faith that is not nodding to evidence to be a vice?

Why religious freedom is no excuse for denying recognition to a same sex marriage

Your religion is selfish and boastful in saying you've free will 


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