Andrew Sims should know better than to write Is Faith Delusion?

Are angels and saints invoked in the Bible?

Are religionists ignorant or lying?

Atheism is the only real gospel and is the truth anyway!

Baptism in the name of Jesus

Baptism invites evil into the baby

Be true to yourself and don't involve man-made religion

Bible God forbids use of images in worship

Bible God says we must behold the evil mischief he makes

Can we make a god out of evolution?

Caring and caring prayer looks good even when nobody is helped

Catholic Image Worship is idolatry

Catholic sacraments may be empty rites

Catholicism engages in superstitious image worship

Christ never promised his Church wouldn't fail

Christians claim the Biblical right to ignore the Saturday Sabbath

Church and intolerance for heresy

Communion table excludes some people from receiving Jesus

Core Christian idea of humans being divine image opposes core of Islam

Could it be there was always something? No creation?

Did Jesus or an impersonator die on the cross?

Did the Law of Moses know of infection head of its time?

Do damned in Hell deserve infinite torment for offending infinite love?

Do you have an immaterial and possibly immortal soul?

Don't take religious liberals seriously

Egoism and the wisdom that nobody hurts me unless I let them appraised

Evil versus the doctrine that divine intervention is a metaphor

Expert Bible interpretation says Bible God breathed out the Bible

Fraud alert! Catholic faith says Bible does not err

From Irish Times on being pro-choice

God does my good deeds, not me

Heaven is a den of asceticism and a Hell

Holy Inquisition when thousands died for religious thought crimes

How sudden insights fuel faith in God despite refuting it

I am the image of God means I have dignity or does it?

Ignorance of the law of the land and the moral law

Immoral moralities a warning about some moral constructs

Implicit atheism may be the strongest atheism!

Impossible demand to love your neighbour and God

Imprisoned by God and by faith? A creator would be a jailer

In favour of the 7 deadly sins

In God we Trust needs to be melted off the coins

India has no reason to thank St Teresa of Calcutta

Indulgences are pure superstition and yet the pope grants them

Infallibility is useless though Church says it leads to truth

Infallible Canonisations why saints embody Catholic doctrine

Influence and free will and too much influence removes freedom

Inherently discriminatory, the Church does harm

Inherently evil is a term and it calls evil a brute fact

INRI is the sign on the cross saying Jesus was King of the Jews

Instrumental egoism is the notion that self-interest pays even if amoral or non-moral

Insular Jesus racially degrades the Roman centurion

Intention is desire and desire involves self-interest always

Intrinsic and instrumental value

Intrinsic good and intrinsic evil often welded together

Invincible ignorance and salvation outside of Jesus

Irish Catholicism and why it is unhealthy

Is egoism true so is it all about me deep down no matter what I do?

Is infallibility inspiration? Catholic Church says it can avoid error

Is it easy to believe in Hell of eternal punishment?

Is it feeling or intuition or both that tell us if we have free will?

Is Religion Irrational? by Keith Ward

IVF and discussing the ethics of In Vitro Fertilisation

Jesus is hailed though he incited violence against Jewish leaders

Lazy habit of imputing good intentions to god and others

Netflix horror movie the Incantation has a religious lesson

People lie that they clearly know objective justice and love

Personal identity and the trouble that relates to it

Proof that miracle doctrine is callously ideological

Protestant idea that the Church is spiritual rather than an organisation

Quagmire of God and intrinsic evil and religious gaslighting

Religion and idolatry are two sides of the one coin

Religion and its skill of internalising evil

Religion manipulates your weakness for going into denial

Religious criticism is necessary to expose insincere religious leaders

Roman Catholicism and the illegitimate child

Schools are being used to exploit vulnerable minds

Seal of confession gives Church power to protect abusers

Secularism is inherently implied criticism of religion

Supernatural faith of Catholics? Is faith implanted by God?

The Church ran many anti-Semitic and Islamaphobic inquisitions

The doctrine that you and me are two icons of God

The Heresy of Infant Baptism

The idea that you only reject what you think the Church is

The image of God doctrine is toxic and offensive

The Immaculate Conception of Mary Jesus' mother

The Implications of Psychological Egoism

The infinite weakness objection to Hell

The resurrection visions seem to be of somebody pretending to be Jesus

The Role of Psychotic Disorders in Jesus, Moses and Abraham

Vicious notion that intention is all that counts or mostly counts

Violent scriptures are covered up by claims that interpretation is the issue

Wanting a daddy God is immature and toxic

Was there an impostor at La Salette pretending to be Mary?

When Jesus said he and God the Father were one

Who was the mother to be in Isaiah? Was it Mary?

Why religion loves the intelligent design science theory

Zoning in how narcissism is the real attractant to seekers of God


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