Adulterous woman in John 8, doesn't show love matters not law

Archbishop Jackels says nobody goes to Hell even if there is one

Case for John's Gospel alone being inspired of God

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Catholicism and judging and how judgementalism drives it

Christian Hypocrisy regarding employment

Does James 2 contradict Paul on how to get right with God?

Good Samaritan parable is about validating hate for Jews

Harmful Christian rule that you treat Christian same as Jesus

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Is Jesus God the Judge or Not?

James the apostle was said to be the blood brother of Jesus

Jesus and pleasure, the startling truth

Jesus failed his own good fruits from thorns argument

Jesus' hate of people on gender, race and religion grounds

Jesus is the only way to God doctrine

Jesus showed his hypocrisy in his approach to prayer

Jesus sower of seeds of the Inquisition and Christian violence

Jesus teaches salvation by faith alone

Jesus tempts to sin and must create temptation if he is god

Jesus was not a pacifist

Jewish tradition does not mince words about Jesus

John 20:31 refutes transubstantiation and the mass

John 6 has nothing to do with last supper

John 6 that supposedly says bread is Jesus is jumbled up?

John 6 Verse 52 does not support Catholic Mass

John 8 shows Jesus' appalling attitude to abused women

John Gospel denies bread & wine turn into Jesus

John Gospel does not literally make Jesus out to be God

John shocks us with revelations about his mate Jesus

John the Baptist fits the Messiah prophecies better than Jesus

John the Baptist was originally the Messiah

John the Baptist witness against Jesus

John's gospel does not really start off calling Jesus God

Judgemental verses from the Bible God and his Jesus

Judges 19 and its homophobic similarity to the Sodom tale

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Looking at John 6 Catholicism's eucharistic playground

Pope John Paul II was a manipulative authoritarian

Religion as organisation has no justified existence

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St John Bosco is a fake saint and bigot

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The real foundation of Catholicism is a fanciful interpretation of John 3:5

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Water baptism is not taught in John 3

Why do we exaggerate how much we can justify hard decisions?





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