A line removed from Mark to hide Jesus' homosexuality?

A religion is not a menu for you belong to it not it to you

A secularist manifesto

Alarming hatred for Medjugorje believers against critics

Answering those who say that Jesus was no misogynist

Are moral values "real" or abstract?

Are religious moderates moderates or hypocrites?

Are the Torah's Moral Mores valid today for Christians?

Bible evidence of Mary, Jesus' mother, being an evil spirit

Bible is endorsed by Medjugorje Mary who then contradicts it

Bizarre advice on prayer from Jesus' mother at Medjugorje!

Blasphemous Sacrifice of the Mass

Can a Muslim attend Christian baptism and Mass?

Can miracles verify miracles?

Catholic blessings and holy objects give peace to the evil mafia

Catholic faith makes a demi-god of Mary or a god

Catholic lying takes place in form of mental reservation

Catholic marriage law refutes Church membership by baptism

Catholic Mass and Pope are docetic in a sense

Catholic mass is a novelty, early Christians didn't believe in it

Catholic Mass is Heavy Occult, it has necromancy overtones

Catholic mass is Islamaphobic and not inclusive

Catholic pharmacists and morning after pill

Communion is mere bread and mere wine

Does Catholicism think substance of communion vanishes and is replaced by Jesus?

Early Christians did not think Mary was assumed into Heaven

Evidence or Logic in the face of miracles

Evil to just assume somebody should suffer if there is a God

Eye-openers from the first Medjugorje accounts

Formal defection from Catholicism abolished 2009?

Frank Morison and his book on who moved the stone

Free will concept fails to show we are not biological machines

French mystic Marthe Robin was a trickster looking for attention

G E Moore on ethics and how ethics is overly based on opinion

Gospels put psychological miracles before the dramatic type

Impact of miracles & hallucinations on evidence

Investigating monism or concept that separateness is false and all is one

Iris Murdoch the philosopher on love

Is Mary at Medjugorje like the Jesus vision story?

Is suffering at the mercy of chance really that bad?

Ivan the false prophet of Medjugorje

Jesus being mediator with God makes God nasty

Jesus refused to validate his sexually abused mother's victimhood

Jesus was a threatening moral bully saying "repent or else"

Know the truth about Catholics, mediums and fraud

Lies that Jesus reached out to those on the margins

Machiavellianism today is called assertiveness?

Making Sense of God and Happiness by Keller

Marriage cannot turn a non-commitment into a commitment

Marriage vows cannot really be meant

Mary and Joseph's fake marriage

Mary invalidates Catholic baptism

Mary Jesus' mother did evil things so she wasn't sinless!

Mary of Agreda by Sandra Miesel

Mary's role in the massacre of the innocents

Mass is against Christianity

Mass is anti-semitist and racist against Jews

Masses for notorious killers such as Alan Hawe

Massless and how nature shows "spirit" is physical

Matter is all there is so spirit is a figment of the imagination

Medjugorje apparitions provide a money-spinner

Medjugorje is neither truly Catholic or supernatural

Medjugorje opposes the rights of Church leaders

Medjugorje Spirituality has a bad side so keep away!

Medjugorje visions and how science proves nothing

Meessen and the miracle of the sun Fatima 1917

Melchizidek and Jesus and their contrived priesthood

Memes for slides advocating atheism

Men saved without baptism in the Bible

Merit and Catholic doctrine

Methodological naturalism so is the material all there is?

Miracle and Hallucination the possible link

Miracle believers are potential bigots and bigots

Miracle of hating sin not sinner

Miracles and evil is non-thing idea

Miracles and the notion that evil is misplaced good

Miracles are weaponised by the Church as an excuse for division

Miracles can paint over scripture contradictions

Miracles endorse suffering as if there is not enough

Miracles have a link with pantheism which says nature is God

Miracles if they call us sinners that is hate speech

Miracles make us sin more not less

Miracles make you make the miracle the centrepoint

Miracles Put You Off God and indeed should

Miracles surprisingly challenge Catholic truth claims

Miracles teach lies especially to the most vulnerable

Miracles versus the God who judges

Modern antipopes who claim to be the true pope

Money can buy happiness if you go about it correctly

Monica Besra and how the Vatican used her to fake a miracle

Monotheism or having only one God is bad news

Moral Absolutism Refuted and its harms exposed

Moral agency and the notion that evil is unreal as in a lack

Moral argument for an explicit and clear God?

Moral Argument for Faith is Nonsense

Moral Argument for God is superfically clever and is nonsense

Moral argument for God suffers from the "if" question

Moral argument only points to God but does not prove?

Moral arguments for God forget that morality is not main thing

Moral Case for Abortion Ann Furedi

Moral case for God ignores how we all love for we love ourselves

Moral Conundrums to think about

Moral standard ad infinitum or has to stop somewhere?

Morality Gap by Lutzer a review

Morality is communication as in saying this ought not to be done or is it?

More hateful Bible verses from the Christian God

Mother of Abominations in the Bible describes which Church or faith?

Mutation could cause of paranormal belief except belief in a good God

None of God's business what we believe especially about miracles

On testimonies to miracles, how useful are they?

Questioning miracle images leads to seeing they are tricks

Religion has to make the biggest problem of evil of all

Society lies you are more responsible for harm than you are

Tests claim there is somebody appearing at Medjugorje

The disobedience of the vision of Medjugorje

The ecstasies of Medjugorje during the reported visions

The Holy Mass is to blame for access to children by paedo priests

The idol of Mary Mother of God

The lie that Mary consented to get pregnant

The magic bleach is claimed by some to be the cure-all

The Mass and reason and why its claims are foolish

The Mass has to be spiritually ineffective

The Medjugorje Deception by E Michael Jones

The Medjugorje story by Hector Avalos

The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss

The Santo miracle & Fatima's saints-to-be

There are religious conspiracies surrounding miracles

Truth about modern bibles and fraudulent translations

Vindictive Side of the Catholic Mass

Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, a critical look

We are egoists therefore miracles are false

Were Jesus' miracles myths?

What's so terrible about morality based on authority?

When Fatima visionary Lucia's memoirs show her lies

Why I can't tell if I see miracles

Why Medjugorje visions are a hoax?

Why the Virgin Mary would not be a mass goer

Your Christian faith claims that your Bible is a miracle!






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