Catholic Marriage is ridiculous

The Church says that marriage rather than love is the right context for sex. Clearly, this is concerned about people being authorised to have sex and not about how much they love each other. The marriage rules matter - not commitment.
The marriage vows have to be witnessed. It is bizarre how the vows don’t work until the couple have sex. Marriage discriminates against those who can’t have sex the usual way. What if a man suffers permanent impotence?
Marriage should be replaced by civil partnership contracts. These contracts should be on paper and primarily concerned about property rights, visitation rights etc. The system of taking vows to contract a marriage needs to be discontinued. The partners should be allowed to select what rights they want put down in the contract. Marriage is like a bag of different contracts.
The notion that I owe somebody love is contradictory. Owing means I am being commanded to love. But commanding to love is a contradiction. Marriage is a contract meaning each partner is to give love to the other as a duty or obligation. It is commanding the other to love you and inviting them to command you too. If two people in a relationship are truly happy together marriage will make no difference and is pointless.
Commanding to love is hideous enough in relation to secular or civil marriage. Religion makes the problem worse.
The Catholic Church marries people on a religious basis. That is to say, it will perform marriages that are not protected by the law or the state. In other words, it takes the bride and groom for fools. Marriage without protection is a sham.
Catholics get wed during the Wedding Mass or Nuptial Mass.
By definition, the Nuptial Mass is not intended to honour the couple so much as it is God. Or is the couple respected at all? The couple is in the background.
The Mass will leave no room for centring on the couple instead of Jesus. The sermon will be about the sacredness of marriage. The persons' favourite songs will not be played unless they are religious in tone. The readings from a Bible that may have no significance for the couple will be read instead of anything that really had importance for them. Then there is the problem that most of the ceremony is about worshipping the Catholic version of God. It will say nothing about morality or personal development - it will just be a pile of hidebound theology.
And the Mass praises a man who allegedly sacrificed his life for God thinking it could save sinners. That is fanaticism.
And the Mass presupposes that Jesus is alive and raised from the dead - this doctrine is the core of the faith not love. Dogma matters more to Catholicism than doing good. Commonsense says that if a person helps the poor it does not matter what they think of Jesus' alleged resurrection.
The prime reason so many Catholic weddings take place is just because they are available. Other reasons are that the Church is nice. Or everybody else gets wed there. Or the parents got wed there. The knowledgeable and self-respecting person will have a better reason than those for letting his or her Catholic wedding be an option. And as for giving into pressure from Catholics to have a Catholic wedding you do not want, remember it is not their day but yours. Jesus severely condemned using religion for services. He said that people who do that have a form of religion but deny the power thereof.
The Nuptial Mass is sickly sweet hypocrisy. People should have the sense to have a non-religious wedding organised for themselves. It would give the relatives full freedom to introduce whatever they really want into the ceremony. It would make the wedding about the bride and groom not Catholic theology. And they can have a religious ceremony of their own without the priest or Church authorisation.
Let us hope the Nuptial Mass Wedding goes out of fashion. 


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