Babies are not born in any sin, no original sin, no any sin

Bread cannot be the body of Christ

Cardinal Newman rationalised how Catholicism reinvented Christianity

Catholic Church cannot make real bishops

Catholic Church served itself in Nazi Germany

Christian pat answers on natural evil being allowed by God

Christian teaching versus name-calling ignores Jesus's verbal abuse!

Christians are hypocrites as proven by the media

Church lies that the Catholic is bound to its canon law

Did God put evil in nature and is he evil for doing so?

Does the universe need a creator or is it just there?

Does thinking there's no evidence for atheism make you theist?

Does this book show us that non-material souls exist?

Email to Net Ministries Ballybofey regarding homophobia

Heretical revolution in the New Mass, Novus Ordo

In depth examination of how plagues refute the love of God

Indirect faith of Nazis in the Church fuelled their fury

Is Christianity smarter than New Age teaching?

Is nature all there is?

Is the Law of Moses abrogated in the apostles' times?

It is manipulative to baptise a child into Christ or the Church

Jesus was not almighty or God

Love Sinner and Hate Sin might be advice not a rule

Nancy Fowler apparitions of Mary

Natural family planning is a Catholic "duty"

Natural Law and morality and the assumption nature makes morality work

Naturalism questions and answers

Nature doing bad things shows blaming us for evil not God is nonsense

Nature is evidence and evidence is nature so miracles out!

Nature of belief in the light of faith and religion

Near Death Experiences explored by a Christian book

Negative thoughts are not all bad

Nicholas Humphrey makes some good points about religion

Nirvana and Heaven don't care if the joy is an artificial reality

No Proof for God can work!

No reason to think apostle Peter is buried in Rome

NOMA attempts to keep religion from being examined by science

Normalisation and unconditional love and Jesus the enemy

Not your place to tell sufferers God is lovingly working in them

Notovitch and the Unknown Life of Jesus

Objectively evil not to baptise and cleanse a baby or person's soul?

Peter and the lies that he was bishop of Rome

Priests saying they we are not all child molesters

Priests use confession, religion and God to interfere in my business

Question about a miracle is did it happen not can it happen?

Religion and the shameless excuse that it is not all bad

Religion turns some people into terrorists

Some religions oppose the not all bad line of thinking

The doctrine that nature is permitted by God to go its own way

The terrible argument that natural evil is irrelevant to the God question

There is no natural evil if there is a God!

Things that are nice to believe

When sin or evil or immorality is seen as nearly good

Why faith in God is fundamentally and inherently narcissistic

Why is there nothing rather than something?

Why saying somebody is a sinner means your love is not real


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