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Arguments that God only uses the Bible to teach us religion

Atheist Overreach a review of Christian Smith's book

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Catholic One True Church delusion

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Christian use of the Old Testament is dancing in blood

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Faith is an obscene thing rather than a real good

God can just give the message so he will not use a miracle to deliver it

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God versus ownership and why rights are taken not given

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Most of our acts are omissions and are selfish

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Once a Catholic, not always a Catholic

Onkerzele Belgium is a site of supposed apparitions

Ordaining priests and bishops is a Catholic sacrament

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Original Sin is Anti-Social Propaganda

Original sin is dogma of the faith

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Out of body experiences and visions

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Overall's three arguments against God's existence from miracles

Quality optimism in a society which wants stupid optimism

Reason and the sense that you ought to do moral things

Religion is a secretly occult response to some magical evil

Saints should not be prayed to if prayer is a sacrificial offering

The Christian doctrine of original sin is the original slur

The idea of an all-powerful God can be about you wanting to believe he has this power

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Why the Old Testament is not the word of God

Wishing Churches would get their Own House in Order first




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