A placebo always involves a lie and is bad for that reason

Apostle Peter is not a reliable source of information on Jesus

Avoid the Catholic Confessional and keep your children away

Bible denies priests really can forgive sins

Biblelight article on Peter's tomb in Jerusalem

Bishop Papias makes us wonder if he knew our current gospels?

Calvinist doctrine of predestination is the Bible position as horrific as it is

Can a Protestant consider Catholic baptism to be real?

Can Priests ordain priests and bishops?

Case studies of popes who show infallibility is a lie

Catholicism on preparation for death

Catholicism protected paedophile priests

Christianity is parasitic on moral relativism

Debaptism and why you need to formally break free from canon law

Divine providence says God looks after his creation, or does he?

Early Roman bishops were not popes for they didn't choose other bishops

Evaluate, "Pleasure, not suffering, being meaningless is the problem"

Faith and Spirituality reside on personality disorders & cause them

God as primary and secondary cause of all things

God's love to me is only my perception, I cannot taste the reality

How Catholics use the printing press to fight Protestant bible only tenet

Idea that priests HEAL your sins that you confess examined

If you are Catholic is the label yours permanently?

Is being Catholic permanent and final and indelible?

Is leaving the Church polarising? No it is affirming self identity

Jesus and property and did he ban it?

Jesus condemns the city of Pergamos

Jesus' miracles cannot be proved and they are mere hearsay

Jesus' Resurrection is unconvincing if based on parable visions.

Jewish Purity Laws to be kept by Christians

John Paul II proves that love sinner hate sin is just words

LGBT couples banned from Presbyterian Communion

Mary the Mother of Jesus was not a forever virgin

Messianic predictions about the crucifixion are untruths

Paedophile Priests as a plague within the Catholic Church

Paedophilia is condoned in Roman Catholic Canon Law

Pagan Origin of Christ and were his inventors stealing pagan stories?

Pagan Origin of Roman Catholicism

Pagans prayed to saints too

Pain and how it shows morality is a mask

Palm Sunday a critic of the resurrection speaks

Pantheism asks is everything God?

Papacy is best friend AIDS ever had

Papal infallibility in the Catholic Church

Papal Serpents and do-gooders

Paul hints Jesus lived in ancient times

Pay it back for we should affirm restorative justice

People can and do die for their religious lies

Perfect Answers a book by the Hare Krishnas

Perjury the Church's favourite sin

Permission and what it is, does and says

Permission from God to sin is not approval it seems but that is a fiction

Perpetual sin doctrine that as a sinner your good is never properly good

Personal responsibility examined

Peter never died in Rome and was not buried there

Peter shows that in the 60s AD no gospels were coming

Peter was devoted to a vision claiming to be Jesus not a man Jesus

Peter was never in Rome and so was never pope

Peter was not the bishop of Rome or first pope

Peter's vision of all food and animals being clean

Petrine privilege and Pauline privilege and Catholic marriage

Philippians 2, does it say Jesus was God?

Philosophers of high calibre Plato and Spinoza on Evil

Pick and Mix Catholicism is offensive to those who hate being lied to

Pilate is blamed for nailing Jesus but is this just?

Poetry excuse for getting around Bible errors

Pointless suffering argument shows God's love is not real

Polish bishops and those who wish to leave Church

Politicising the Eucharist by banning pro-choice politicians?

Politics of the Mass are underhanded so do not attend

Polygamy where Bible God permits a man to have more than one wife

Pompeii and the worship of Christ

Pope demands that clerical abuse be protected and covered up

Pope Francis and Islam and his faux respect

Pope Francis is hero of those who do not hate bigotry enough

Popes are always ready to lie to you

Pope's claims lack credibility

Positive thinking is good but surely cautiously optimistic realism is better?

Posts and comments refuting religion

Posts on Catholic religious beliefs being bad

Posts on fake visions of Medjugorje

Potential personhood of foetus arguments and abortion

Prayer of petition is pure hypocrisy

Predestination to eternal damnation is clearly conducive to hate

Predominant Egoism says at least 51% of motivation is self-centred

Prejudice against mentally ill

Pre-nuptial agreements show the folly of marriage

Presuppositionalism needs these critical thoughts

Priest as judge who absolves

Priests do harm, their rank is not justifiable

Priests pretend to have inherited spiritual powers from Jesus

Priests supporting IRA murders

Prince versus Massachusetts Case re Jehovah's Witnesses

Principles and their importance

Private Interpretation of the Bible, mainstay of Lutheranism

Prolife is just Catholic self-righteous hypocrisy

Pro-life people don't worry much about the unborn suffering

Pro-life Teaching supports murder

Prophecy by God says the Old Testament law is eternal

Prophecy is the only Sign that God is communicating?

Proselytism is when a mission is bullying

Protecting people from themselves and the dilemmas

Protestants are dishonest about Catholic miracles

Proudly defy God even if he exists

Purgatory denies that you are saved if you are there

Purgatory doctrine is a Catholic means of trafficking with the dead

Purgatory if true would mean the saints are bad

Purgatory is another Catholic doctrine in opposition to its Bible

Pyrrhonism the extreme belief that there is no belief

Religion is a plausibility structure and thus gets people to accept nonsense

Religion stops pharmacists doing their job?

Replies to the notion that the Christian view of God is secretly pantheistic

Risks of the placebo and why its pushers need confronting

Saints can depend on God's power and still be Gods themselves

Scientists in a poll have little confidence in Christian God idea

Scribes and Pharisees as term of abuse

Skilled interpreters of the Bible know its teaching is anti-gay

The Bible is a palliative for the conscience of the paedophile

The devotion to Jesus' precious blood in the Eucharist

The essential deadly sin, Pride

The heresy of Proportionalism

The idea of a personal God is nonsense

The insincerity of the pope

The myth of Peter and Paul's martyrdoms

The notion of God speaking through prophets is mistaken

The Papal Antichrist idea came from Protestantism

The Perils of Prayer showing how it is not harmless

The placebo effect and why it needs extreme caution

The pope changes catechism to ban capital punishment

The pope is not a true friend of the family

The popes have been wilful liars??

The pressure put on the Christian martyrs by faith

The religious text has a unique power to cause violence

The secret of religion is the fallacy of misreading causation

The two ways God "permits" evil are appalling

Thoughts on Darwinism in politics

Trying to prove a negative is still worth trying

Was a Roman soldier Jesus' real father?

Were Peter and Paul enemies?

What is wrong about holding there is a Purgatory?

Why God believers have to persecute atheists

Why Principles and why you cannot be who you are without them?

Why protest against dangerous religions?

Why proving some of Jesus' miracles is not enough

Why the permissive will of God doctrine is a smokescreen


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