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An expert falsely claims religion is healthy for the mind

An expert speaks on the Bible faith and psychology

An ex-priest speaks of the rat taking Catholic communion!

Atheists answer religious criticisms

Atheists can rise above the horrors of life too

Ban religion based and religion saturated therapy

Be reluctant to believe in miracles

Believers would kill to protect their religious identity

Bertrand Russell missed logical disproof of God

Catholic religion is not for you but itself

Catholicism makes a travesty of ethics and morality

Catholicism practices idolatry the false worship of deity

Catholics base their faith not on the Bible miracles but the unbiblical ones

Catholics do not recognise register office weddings

Critiquing the Ricard book, Altruism Power of Compassion

Democratic principles and policies are weakened by religion

Did Jesus call Peter petros or Petra and why it matters?

Did Paul say Jesus was rich?

Different religions on John 3 which says you need rebirth

Do you wonder if religion is bad for people?

Does Bible indicate real absence of Jesus at Eucharist?

Has God helped converted alcoholics?

Hypocrite Paul condemns doing evil that good may come

If judging is bad then religion makes it worse

If you are Christian and renting your flat to gay couple

Is good more valuable if you battle yourself to do it?

Is religion a mental condition if not disorder?

Is religion a necessary evil?

Is religion just nothing but a form of role play?

Is the Bible right therefore inspired?

Jews of Jesus' time seem very sure he was leading a violent revolt

Lies of the Roman Catholic Church

Make religion pay taxes

Many feel that religion is inherently violent. Is it?

Many hate LGBT rights on religious grounds, admit it

Many religious leaders are moral relativists who manipulate you

Miracles and repeatability only the repeatable is credible

Pathetic stupidity of saying religion is just good and about good

Politics and its taking advantage of the religious label

Question of why or how there's something not nothing?

Quit giving children to religious collective ego systems

Rape and abortion and don't force a child to give birth

Raphoe Diocese exhibits problems with clerical sex abuse covered up

Rationalisation is hypocritical fake reasoning

Ratisbonne mirrors Paul's conversion thus showing Paul is dubious

Religion against the doctrine of creation from nothing

Religion and is it natural to be religious?

Religion and its potential for grave damage to the vulnerable

Religion and its subtle warmongering

Religion and the delight its ego gets from you affirming its nonsense

Religion and treason and its potential and often real treason

Religion as solidarity and that is how it does evil

Religion does not admit how pro-persecution it is

Religion equals rudeness and needs to be told what it is!

Religion has force as a placebo not a spiritual force

Religion has to lie and gaslight to act like a moderate faith

Religion Hurts by John Bowker on Islamic violence

Religion Hurts why religions do harm as well as good by John Bowker

Religion is always fundamentalist to one degree or another

Religion is an unsafe space for trans children

Religion is basically hidden moral relativism

Religion is ineffectual against abortion

Religion is obscurantist and deliberately hides many things from us

Religion is politics and rides on the back of political corruption

Religion opposes freedom of thought!

Religion soothes your nasty harmful side

Religion starts wars and will do it again

Religion subtly schemes to make people violent

Religion takes away your reality check and that is violence

Religion versus Science by Ecklund Sceitle

Religion's allies should be ashamed for propping up a violent construct

Religious education is not suited for children

Religious education should not be indoctrination

Religious faith is the enemy of tolerance

Religious gratitude means affirming evil

Religious homophobia kills, Bible neglect of LGBT kills

Religious indoctrination of children is evil

Religious liberalism is so-called faith for the sceptic

Religious morality is not very useful or beneficial

Religious Mystery is Dangerous

Religious opinion is what religion harms people for

Religious opinions always seek to ruin freedom of speech

Religious person risks bringing trauma to others

Religious privilege is often subtle special treatment

Religious privileges causes grave inequalities

Religious science is an oxymoron

Religious spin and how to hide the toxic side of faith

Religious trauma syndrome needs urgent addressing by society

Religious tyrants play on your "need" for God

Religious wars listed and how religion remains a protector of warmongers

Renounce the authority and services of your Catholic priest!

Reserved sins are sins the priest cannot forgive so you need the bishop

Respect for life sounds good but is peppered with hypocrisy

Respect thy neighbour is not same as love they neighbour

Respecting beliefs is compatible with challenging them

Resurrection versus reincarnation

Revelation 6 and Christian apostasy

Review of Berg's Six Ways of Atheism

Roman but Not Catholic: What Remains at Stake is an interesting book

Roman Catholicism and contraception

Roman Catholicism is a deception

Roman Church deviously fails to tell the whole truth

Roman not Catholic refutes the pope

Rome Rule in Ireland led to a sectarian bloodbath

Rosa Mystica apparitions of Jesus' mother or illusions?

Self-deception is the nourishment of religion

Sims useless approach to religious mania

Slow burner evil and how religions are about non-war not peace,

That Jesus built his church on the rock doesn't support pope

The Catholic mass is based on an error called reification

The Church shames itself in 2001

The danger of religion arising from how it thrives on misinterpretation

The religious label and the trouble it brings

The Rosary is a late Catholic gimmick

To be religious is to be prejudiced

Using a religious crutch is bad and ultimately self-defeating

Vatican 2 and its deliberations on Religious Liberty

What is religion and how might we define religion?

What the Church says about the time there were two rival popes

When people say their religion will change for the better

When the Church turns romance into a sort of sin

Why Religious Faith is Insincere

Why the idea of god's grace leads to discrimination or should

Why you should ask the record of your parish to remove you?


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