A Critical Look at Situation Ethics

A fatal flaw in religious attempts to argue x is probably a miracle

A good overview of Bible history in the book St Saul

A mental health authority says faith is good for mental problems!

A religion is a social construct so leave it if you choose

Abortion and the slippery slope argument

Are all sins equally bad before God?

Are miracles signs that there are no supernatural signs?

Are the saints other mediators with God?

Atheism is said to make a sensible knave not a moral person

Atheists on sexuality and marriage

Being a proper ally for Transgender People

Being banned from receiving communion

Being sensible with miracle claims

Bias towards sin contradicts doctrine of divine plan

Bible God endorses not only slavery but attacks on slaves

Bible teaches that sincerity isn't enough

Can science show us that religion is a psychological impairment?

Catholic doctrine about non-obligatory good works

Catholic doctrine makes sex outside of marriage to be sacrilege

Catholic sabbath-breaking and hypocrisy

Catholic sacraments are occult rites

Catholic saints are new pagan gods

Catholicism may not deep down believe in religious freedom

Catholicism remains a threat to religious freedom

Christian Hypocrisy on Smoking & Alcohol

Christian sin of sexual pleasure

Christianity against the right to sex education

Christianity denies that sincerity matters more than faith

Christianity is Chauvinistic and regards women as second-class

Claims that Cardinal Siri was elected Pope and forced to abdicate

Contesting Jesus' demand that we love only God with our being

Dancing is a sin!

Danger of belief that it is a sin to omit doing what needs doing

Data Protection and Secularism

Doctrine of sin demeans us!

Does the Bible really say Jesus had no sin at all?

Does the idea that if we do bad we self-punish hold weight?

Don't be disrespected by being called a sinner!

From Skeptical Inquirer checking if superstition can ever help

Fulton J Sheen advocates intolerance of sin

God has no say over you or anybody else

God makes the unconditional love of man a sin

God of sadism and masochism

Harm and corruption caused by religion exists on a spectrum

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner for it's personal

How going to saints bypasses and insults God

How useful are slippery slope arguments?

Is sacrifice real and do we really do it?

Is secular fundamentalism real?

Is there no such thing as innocent suffering?

Jesus and his racist patronising of the Samaritan woman

Jesus' authorised spokesmen, "Sincerity not enough for Heaven"

Jesus Christ was a slave beater

Jesus in the light of the notion that sin works like a viral infection

Jesus Resurrection story came from black magic book?

Jesus' teaching and why it is not rational and not healthy

Jesus the Second Adam?

Mass is not the Sacrifice of Calvary

Maybe sin does not oppose God's ways so much as reinterpret them?

Moral argument for the existence of God is a crock

Morality and Socrates and Aquinas

Notion of secret miracles is deadly

Open Letter calling Seminarians to rethink

Our Lady of San Damiano witnessed by disturbed Mama Rosa

Pagan historian Suetonius didn't mention Christ or did he?

Paying money for masses in the Catholic Church

People serve God-belief not God

Priests and their sacraments block Jesus out

Querying the alleged healing power of the sacraments

Question your Catholic faith and do research

Re same sex marriage rejected in Northern Ireland 2014

Relationship between Jesus' miracles and sinlessness

Religion is a placebo for human evil

Religion should be sued for falsifying its scriptures

Religious structures are violent even if it does not seem so

Right to sue those who inflict indoctrination on you?

Roman Catholicism and the Sacrament of Matrimony

Sacramentals are Catholic forms of white magic

Sacraments are surplus nonsense

Sacred Heart of Jesus and the occult dark side

Saint worship is necromancy which is occult dealing with the dead

Saints are pagan gods if they can see all the secrets in the universe

Saints don't care about people damned in Hell

Saints party in Heaven while knowing the damned languish

Saints prayers for us are not rewarded and how demeaning that is!

Santa Claus and how the Church permits this lie

Scandal of priests and clergy stealing from Sunday collections

Search excatholic.net and free your mind from Catholic beliefs

Second probation doctrine is excluded by the Bible God

Secularism helps restrain religious extremism

Sedevacantism is denying that the Catholic pope is real pope

Self-confidence is what you need not faith-confidence

Self-esteem and religious faith particularly Catholic faith

Self-motivation is an atheist work in progress

September 11th 2001 and religion

Sequence theory of how prayer works

Serenity prayer about accepting what you are stuck with is bad

Serious sin leads to you hating those who tempt you

Setting the Sermon on the Mount against Jewish law is wrong

Seven Deadly Sins are natural traits not sins

Sex outside Marriage is not a Sin

Sexual Abuse by Priests in Catholicism and the protectors

Sharing the liberating power of atheism

Silly Insane Messages of Jesus' mother at Medjugorje

Sin and the meaning of life

Sin as crime before God and often man as well

Sin is a vindictive concept

Sin is the greatest evil according to fanatical Catholic doctrine

Sin of Sexual Fantasy

Sin to love somebody entirely

Sin to make sinners happy?

Sinners should receive communion

Situation ethics abuses the Bible to make its case

Situation ethics says we should break moral rules for love

Size does not make a religion probably true

Skeptical theism is claiming an evil happening shows it fits God's love

Slavery in God's word the Bible!

Sodom Gomorrah and a look at the sin of gay sex

Somatoparaphrenia is behind the notion that you are a spiritual soul

St Saul book, did Paul think he had a vision establishing the eucharist?

St Seraphim matches Catholic saints for miracles and they dismiss him

Stealing commanded by God in the Book of Exodus

Studies showing religion is a potential and actual mental problem

Stupidity makes barriers so the word must go...

Subliminal or subconscious magical belief

Suffering is random and thus comfort from God is no comfort

Suffering when understood correctly cannot be training from God

Suicide and religion and why suicide and self-destruction are different

Summary of the Case for Humanism

Superiority/Inferiority Complex

Superstition degrades people and truth and reason

Support pro-choice legislation

Systematic theology critically reviewed

The atheist and the sacred

The Bible is often snuff porn

The condemnation of a natural act of masturbation as sin is abusive

The early Christians in their duplicity got their stories straight

The God role is played by your subconscious mind!

The horrors of sacramental marriage

The problem of knowledge

The Saint-Medard miracles that nobody wants to believe in

The Samson tale refutes Bible reliability

The Secret of Our Lady of LaSalette

The seven hills that the Great Whore is enthroned on

The sin doctrine hardwires people to hate others

The sin of sodomy or homosexuality and the Bible hate for gays

The sobriety argument for Gospel reliability

There is no need for sex to be limited to marriage

Thoughts on slander or making up malicious rumours

To accuse a doubter of sin or possible sin is slander

Unrighteousness or sin is a condition

Using love for sinners as a placebo for letting evil take root

Veneration of the saints is unbiblical

Villainous Revelations of St Elizabeth!

Was early Christianity a socially-deviant movement and thus plausible?

What about the ethics/desirability of God forcing repentance on sinners?

What is a sacrament and is it an excuse for forming a social political entity?

When Catholicism endorses separation between spouses

When Jesus told his listeners they would see him return in glory

Who says the supernatural isn't mechanistic?

Why is apostasy such a serious sin in Christianity?

Why is evil self-defeating and is it because God has a part in it?

Why suffering is a religious experience countering God

You can sincerely do great evil

Zoning in on how in Christianity it is even a sin to love yourself!




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