The Selfishness of Catholic Marital Sex

The Church falsely claims that artificial contraception does damage to the human personality and makes sex selfish and is therefore sinful.
The Church says it does not make it law that you must have a large family but says it encourages you to do so. It knows a man wants sex with his wife pretty often so he is forced on pain of sin to have sex open to conception. That is virtually making it law to have a large family.
The Church says that sex is an act of love when it is open to having children though your family is already impossible to cope with and if there is not enough money to feed your child.  This is a callous idea. It is strange that the Church says that the language of sex is giving yourself to the other person wholly. But having sex irresponsibly in the marriage is praised! This is worse than contraception.
It proves that it is pretending when it claims that sex must always be open to life.  The Church says natural family planning is good for it makes pregnancy very unlikely but possible. It is open to life.
In other words the Catholic is to partly intend to have a baby when he shouldn’t have one. The Church says that the sex is loving. It's far from it. It's loving religion more than the one you are married to.
A truly good person will take health conditions, monetary conditions and emotional conditions into account before having a child. The person will not want to bring a child into the world to suffer illness or poverty. Yet the Roman Catholic Church in its evil Catechism of the Catholic Church (2368, 2370, 2399) that responsibility regulating birth is morally neutral ie neither worthy of condemnation or praise. How twisted is that?


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