Agnostics lie that they take zero sides in god atheism debate

Bishop Zanic knew Medjugorje claims are inauthentic

Contradiction between God and evil is the zenith of absurdity

Creation is a not made from nothing but is a brute fact

Do people who seem conscious but who are not exist?

Jesus is not the zenith of humankind

Jesus was a zealot or at least a zealot sympathiser

Learn from the zero sum fallacy and its impact on religion

Medjugorje bishop ignored when he asked that messages not be published

Religion cannot really zone into the bright side of suffering

Religious supernaturalism zaps at the credibility of science

Reza Aslan wrote Zealot exposing how Jesus was a zealot

The link between science and religious faith is non-existent

Zanic letter against the Medjugorje scam

Zanic Sermon against the Medjugorje visions scam

Zany Lorna Byrne and her angels

Zeal for Torah is hated by Christians and is an antisemitic symptom

Zeal is wasted on religion and revelation but not on science

Zeitoun Apparitions when thousands though they saw Mary

Zen Buddhism claims to rewire our perception of suffering

Zeno and life after death

Zero sum commandment to love God totally came from Jesus

Zero within and how lacking faith in God can be atheism

Be welcoming to science and not religion

Faith ideology is an infection and allies can be the worst

Look at Pascal's Blackmail and how it poisons Xians

Comments on the right to abortion

Jesus was not the Christ and Christianity is not Christianity

Religion lies about evil to rob you of freedom it says it gives you

Tim Stanley of the Telegraph is yawningly religiously retrograde

What you will is your own gratification and god seems unaware of it

When people tell those who lose all that they could be worse off

Written Request demanding removal from Catholic membership








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