Regarding a facebook post where woman in Rotunda praised hospital chaplains as helpful and thinks they should be in hospitals.

Commonsense shows the state should not be paying wages to clerics for their going around hospitals being an advertisement for their church and faith.


They are very well paid by the taxpayer for being nice. The comfort thing is a cliche. In fairness, Jesus said religion is to be a cross for being truly good is very demanding and the religion is about faith as in loyalty not faith as in a placebo fantasy. Some people do find the Christian experience damaging.

What about the Mass celebrated in the hospital chapel? Normalising the celebration and sacrifice of a man's bloody violent death is not comforting. It is desensitising and it is baffling why children are not more repelled by it.

The fact remains that in Bible readings in particular there is a lot of passive aggressive hate and threats of judgment. It is hardly loving how some people such as Judas and Jewish leaders are described without their knowledge in the New Testament.

Chaplains might have good personalities but there is a bigger picture and tend to leave the spite and malice to religious ceremonies. The right of a person who has some loved one dying to be supported in a choice to see that person as going into extinction or non-existence will not be helped by chaplains. I know I sound pedantic but maybe we need to get away from "I think." It is more than just about thinking. We know it is wrong if faith is allowed to intrude too much. Imagine if people were refused driving licences for not wearing miraculous medals or for being the wrong star sign! Imagine if nurses who do not go to communion were denied promotion for communion is supposedly a medicine for our bad side? In reality religious people who complain about faith being excluded exclude a lot of things related to faith themselves.


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