When you believe in something you lose freedom in the sense that it will lead to limits. If you believe the world will end tomorrow that will ruin today. It is not surprising that many countries do not want to be called Christian for the values of liberty and equality and fraternity are what they value most. 

Re President Higgins of Ireland not mentioning Christ in his 2013 Christmas Message
The President obviously was trying to avoid offending Jews, Muslims and unbelievers and in the process offended Catholics by omitting Christ from the Christmas message.

The reality is that though many Jews and Muslims and unbelievers would not be offended if he had mentioned Christ but some would. The question is not "Are they offended?" but, "Should they be if they understand and follow their religion correctly?" Unless that question is dealt with people will only make a hypocritical dogs dinner of inter religious respect. They will exude the following message: "If you are not offended good and if you are I do not care. Christ is god and if that offends you then tough".

The reality is that religions disagree with one another. For a Muslim, God strongly disapproves of Christ being honoured as God. The Jew does not accept that Jesus really was the Son of God and Messiah. The atheist sees Christmas as honouring a man who he considers to be an ordinary man and a false god. Atheists actually condemn Jesus' teaching about Hell as objectively (and too often subjectively) vindictive and his rule of love the sinner and hate the sin as underhanded hatred of the person and accuse him of failing to do anything to really help anybody and they put down the miracle stories as mythical displays of power - they see Jesus feeding the starving as laziness for he did a miracle to feed them and did not raise money for them. They do not seem him as a valid role model. Airbrushing the problems between different faiths and philosophies is itself a form of intolerance. Another form of intolerance is saying that a good spiritual organisation is a religion and a fanatical or bad one is not. That refuses to admit a religion even a bad one is a religion. It is intolerance to call it what it isn't or not to call it what it is. The religions question each other. Questioning means challenging as opposed to asking. Look at the reality and then look for solutions to the problems. Certain doctrines such as airbrushing harmful religion by pretending that all religions are the same or as good as each other debunk themselves and do not help. Usually a violent religion is judged by those who claim to be members and who have no time for violence which is unfair. The religion is violent and they are disobedient - period. Nothing is to be gained by calling those who obey the religion extremists. Airbrushing is itself a form of fundamentalism that ignores the truth and opposes it and criticises those who see through it as threats to "tolerance" and even makes out they are bigots.

Response to a commentator on the Irish Independent Article who claims to be Catholic while voting for anti-Catholic policies and is writing on the topic of how Labour in Ireland promises to promote the right of children who are not baptised to an education while they are currently being discriminated against in Catholic Schools
Pope Leo XIII : "The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium." (Satis Cognitum, 30).

It is just commonsense that every religion has hypocrites who claim to be genuine members when by their actions and their lies and their beliefs they show they cannot be. A person who enables a religion he thinks is cherry-picking and who cherry-picks is making an idol out of religious structures and is not a servant of a God of truth. Truth is truth. You accept it or you do not. Truth is not about you. So picking and choosing is not an option. A religion made up by man is not a good thing - it is intrinsically hypocritical and corrupt. It is man pretending or imagining that his rules and ideas came from God when they did not. A cherry-picker like the fundamentalist is the kind of person that creates dogmas that they won't change for they don't care about the truth or what evidence says. Religions refusing to fix their teachings when they are proven wrong is the reason for the religious discord and suspicion that is rife between different religions and factions within religions. The good is often the enemy of the best and human nature loves to invent a good that suits itself and which so often can pass for the real thing.

It is not up to you to decide if you are really Catholic. It is supposed to be up to Jesus Christ. It is supposed to be up to the Church that represents him and it must assess in a rational way. A religion cannot function if it does not have set rules and doctrines that identify it which means that people become another religion if they have major disagreements with those rules and teachings. You have no right to deceive people by trying to make out that your social liberalism is Catholic. The teachings against divorce and same sex marriage and homosexuality are core teachings for marriage is as much the foundation of the Church as the notion that Jesus is God.

And for the record I am not a believer and if I am labelled Catholic that is only a man-made label and is only a word. If religion causes war and discord, religious labels are better at it. Religion and society in so far as labels are encouraged is to blame.

Nicky Morgan and Britain being a Christian Country  Nicky Morgan and Britain being a Christian Country: On Morgan calling Britain a Christian Country

I don't think Britain even claims to be a Christian country any more! To be Christian you have to conform to a standard which for many means believing the Bible. Otherwise the word Christian can mean anything!

Morgan probably does not really know what she is talking about. But you would expect her to know that the bible Jesus upheld scriptures as from God that endorsed the stoning of gay people to death. That seems to be fairly common knowledge.

Read http://www.equip.org/articles/killing-the-canaanites/ which shows that Christianity today condones all the murdering done and commanded by God in the past. The religion might be non-violent in some nations, but it is not non-violent in how it approves fanaticism. I would prefer to be taught atheism in school than that sick tripe.

The Telegraph's Tim Stanley writes that atheists should be glad to be living in a Christian country like the UK and stop complaining

My problem as an atheist with Christianity is that though people claiming to be Christian tend to have a very humanistic approach to life, they are cherry-picking. The reality is that the consistent Christian will rant and rave religion like Jesus did and praise God for decreeing murder by stoning in the Old Testament. It's about the principle. And Stanley, stop trying to make out the Militant Atheists are irrationally hating a God they think does not exist. It is not about hating God as such. It is about hating a belief that ignores science in their view and thus endangers it.

Re: Pickles saying Britain is a Christian nation and militant atheists will just have to accept it - Telegraph 2014
Accept that Britain is a Christian nation?
Mr Pickles forgets that the New Testament warns about religious labels. The Jewish leaders of Jesus' day were not very bad people - Jesus himself said they were religious and prayed a lot and fasted a lot and would make huge sacrifices to get converts - but Jesus still said they were not really Jews for they were not holy enough and were really hypocrites. The Bible says that only somebody who is miraculously changed inside into one who has faith without reservations and without cherry-picking is a real Christian. And as nobody can see the heart but God it is up to God if he exists to judge who is a Christian and not the census or the government or Mr Pickles. It is easy to call yourself a Christian while showing no signs of a Christian faith. Labels can demean or hide the truth about what you really are. Pickles is really trying to get special rights for those who claim to be Christian. It's dishonest.
Context - Kay saying that the United State constitution was formulated under Bible influence and thus that the USA is not a secular nation
Kay said, "Our Constitution has always looked to the scriptures for its guidance and its columns and its foundations and its leanings, its underpinnings." He lies because it is more accurate to say that it may have looked at some of the scriptures. The Bible does not agree with itself. Kay implies it is good and wholesome whole but it is not. He thus insults the people in the Bible who were murdered because of its prophets and its God. For example, the homosexuals who Leviticus commanded to be stoned to death.

Tory MP saying drag queen Conchita Wurst won Eurovision because of votes from "trendy intellectuals"

He didn't mean it that way but it is a compliment to the LGBT community to hear that it was intellectuals backed Conchita. Only bigots and fools believe in hating or criticising the behaviour of somebody who is doing no harm. It is also important to remember that if religion is behind the bigotry, that religion is man-made and though the state may have to respect different beliefs, the state must be careful to avoid reasoning, "We must legislate in accordance with those beliefs in case they really are revealed by God". Secularism cannot allow that.

Mel a journalist said that atheists need to stop criticising the Christians for the Christians are at the forefront of providing essential services such as health and education to the people unlike the atheists

Mel you should live in my area where people who have little or no interest in religion do all the community work. I personally resent the amount of money that the parish has sitting doing nothing and how the clergy are into charm and comfort but never actually do anything. I have seen the harm done in my community from the Christian belief that faith is a choice and you must never change the principles of your faith such as opposition to abortion even if it saves the mother's life. Think of the long-term damage.


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