Christina Gallagher the False Visionary and False Prophetess of Achill, Mayo, Ireland

Christina Gallagher claims to have been getting revelations from the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus and other Catholic religious entities. Through these revelations, a House of Prayer was set up in Achill in a former convent.

Christina Gallagher got a fortune in donations from those who believed in her. She said she would put all the donations to spiritual and religious purposes. She did not. Most of the money went on keeping up her lavish and superstar lifestyle. She did very well. She was able to buy a mansion to live in, in posh Malahide in Dublin.

The revelations in the media about what she was up to upset the faith of many Catholics. Some turned against religion altogether. But it could be argued, "Christina knows the world is going to end soon. She predicted great disasters including the Third World War. Why not have a lavish house then? Didn't the apostle Paul say one time that it was foolish to think about marrying for the world would be coming to an end? The usual rules wouldn't apply in such circumstances."

This argument shows that religion is dangerous for there is always a way through religion to justify evil.

She claims that the Virgin told her she was appearing in Medjugorje. So in effect, she is claiming to be a visionary like the visionaries of Medjugorje. Then why doesn't she go there? Why is it not an option for her to join the Medjugorje visionaries for an apparition? Why does the Medjugore apparition not mention the House of Prayer or Christina's doctrine that it is necessary to visit a House of Prayer and use the Matrix Medal to be saved in the final days.

Her website attempts to refute criticisms of her in the Sunday World newspapers and Jim Gallagher's book, Immaculate Deception. But it settles for simply denying the allegations against her. It doesn't bother with proof.

Why does her website not show documents and receipts of hers that prove that Jim Gallagher is wrong to claim that when she claimed to be ill and suffering for sinners she was actually drinking with a boyfriend and having a great time?

Why is her Virgin Mary showing such a different personality and seem to have a different vocabulary from the Virgin Mary as reported by the Medjugorje visionaries?

Compare they way they talk.

MESSAGE TO CHRISTINA GALLAGHER- JULY 25, 2002 Message of Our Lady for the 25th July 2002

My children, I am with you today in a very special way. I do know you will not comprehend the greatness of this day. I embrace your every difficulty
and cross. I am the Mother of God, your Mother and Queen. How so many of you have mocked me. I beg you to take to heart all I say to you. Open your hearts to me. Pray, pray for the Holy Father.

You will know great upheaval in the world; the restlessness in the world will increase each day through the work of the evil one. You will be put to the test to choose between the evil one and God. Storms will affect many in the world. Storms such as the world has not seen. Evil will increase, as my children's desires will be influenced by the evil one seducing them into the darkness of his presence for destruction. Do not blame the evil one for what is your own weakness and your own desires. I invite you here today to warn you of the many, many strange things, which are to befall the world. You just be vigilant in prayer. I will be close to each one of you who has responded to my invitation. I will always be close to your hearts. You must permit me to safe guard you with God's many graces in your response of open heart. In that way you will be able to conquer, with me and stay in the light of God.

How I desired that my plan for Ireland would be fulfilled, all My children can see how My Son Jesus was disowned, forsaken and shamed by those who serve Him.

I have drawn many to my House to be set free of sin only to be denied, God's gifts of His sacraments.

Coming to the world are many calamities to purify the stench of sin and evil.

Soon, soon you too will be called upon to choose God in truth or the temptation and seduction of the evil one. Pray, pray my children, I am with you, My children who are living My message, I am doing battle in the world by means of my unity in the victory of my Son Jesus.

My church is being purified but only in its early stages. The cries of deception reach heaven, my Son Jesus - His Heart weeps with sorrow at the enormity of what is still to befall the world.

I invite each one of you here today to abandon yourself to God and through My intercession, there you will find safety in My love, but you must decide for God and recognise that I am your Mother and I love you all. I desire you help me through prayer and surrender. I desire you pray for and look after my servant Christina. You must be her earthly friend, not her enemy. Those of you, who desert her on account of the truth, she brings you as the messenger of God, will experience the justice of God for your lack of compassion for the truth. It is time for you to stop and realise the truth. It is only truth that will set you free before God. I have told my servant Christina of the many world events. Pray that she will not be overcome with the enormous responsibility of it.

My plan for my house of prayer is far from complete. So few have helped. Those who have heard the truth of my message and who have received through my Heart but have denied My call for the plan of God to be fulfilled will have to endure God's justice. He has shown you a great mercy: you have shown Him contempt. My children, there will be many signs here at my house to prove to the world that it is I your Immaculate Mother who is calling you. The signs will be great. The great sign will last for three days and three nights for all to see.

I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Message of July 25, 2002 "Dear children! Today I rejoice with your patron saint and call you to be open to God’s will, so that in you and through you, faith may grow in the people you meet in your everyday life. Little children, pray until prayer becomes joy for you. Ask your holy protectors to help you grow in love towards God. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Whether Catholics care to admit it or not, the evidence that Christina Gallagher is experiencing the supernatural is far better than the evidence that Mary appeared at La Salette, Lourdes, Medjugorje and even Fatima. She is a fake yes. But she is proof that even proof for the supernatural is not all it is made out to be.

A doctor verified some alleged miracles but not in any official capacity and gave it as his personal opinion. And Christina supposedly went into an impossible position one time during a vision. This could have been trickery. She seems to have only done it once and that was for the video camera. She could have been practicing.

The doctor should have been removed from the medical register for making statements and diagnosis by eye: 

Dr Michael Anketell from Croom, Co Limerick saw Gallagher in her magic trance, He said, "As a doctor, I can only seek to give a scientific description of what I saw and leave it to others to interpret. I am a medical practitioner qualified from the National University of Ireland in the year 1981, of eighteen years experience in all branches of my profession. What I am about to testify and give witnesses to has, in my opinion, no natural, medical, scientific or psychological explanation. ...On July 16, 1999, at her request, I drove my elderly mother from Limerick to the 'House of Prayer' in Achill Sound, Co. Mayo, a place she likes to visit usually on an annual basis. At approximately 2pm, I ushered my mother into the little chapel there and found a seat for her close to the sanctuary. As I turned to find a seat for myself, I observed that Mrs. Christina Gallagher, who was kneeling in front of the altar on our arrival, had suddenly stood up, and just as suddenly her hands jerked upwards in what I could only describe as a praying position. With that, to my amazement, her whole body arched backwards with the curvature of her thoracic spine entering a forty five degree angle. With both knees slightly bent, the lower lumber region of her back and pelvis started to sway backwards and forwards. Thinking she was about to fall and crack her  head off the floor, I leapt forward, and found to my amazement that her whole body seemed to be suspended as if in mid-air. Suddenly to my shock, her  head and neck snapped back in a ninety degree angle, so that her face and head were now in a horizontal position to the ceiling of the chapel and appeared to be focused and concentrated on one area up there. In this arched, fixed position, which I feel no highly trained professional gymnast could achieve, her whole body, arms out-stretched upwards, started to sway, backwards and forwards. As I looked down on her face, which was waxen in complexion, I noted with amazement that the pupils of her eyes were fixed and dilated with complete absence of the blink reflex, despite flashing cameras now focussed on her face. In medical terms - and I have spent many years working in trauma and casualty departments, a diagnosis of severe brain damage or brain death would be  made, when there is an absence of the blink reflex to bright lights, and equally when the pupils are fixed and dilated and unresponsive to light and stimulation, i.e. camera flash bulbs, etc. ... This phenomenon I was witnessing was defying all the laws of medicine and science. According to my training, this woman was clinically brain dead, despite the extraordinary involuntary movements of her body. ...As her whole body continued to sway in this very unusual arched position,
her mouth suddenly opened and her tongue projected slightly forward, what I would call a healthy uncoated vascular tongue, in the timing of the blink of an eye, it suddenly started to fill with a white circular disc resembling a Communion host, except that it appeared to be whiter than usual and exuded a gleam of light or brightness out of the ordinary. It remained suspended on her tongue for a period I cannot account for, as I was so overcome with emotion and astonishment at witnessing these extraordinary events. ...After a period, Mrs. Gallagher consumed the 'host' and on doing so, I observed that the spasm and flexion in her neck increased, so that the carotid artery pulses were now visible. Even though observation of this pulse is not  totally accurate, it does indicate a healthy, regular and normal blood pressure and heart beat. My observation of this carotid pulse, only visible in  extreme spasm and flexion of the musculature of the neck, showed a regular, normal and healthy rate of about 72 beats per minute. ... Following this, the arched flexion of her back seemed to increase and her arms extended upwards and her head and neck flexed further in a backward direction, swayed forward and backward in an almost uncontrollable way. ..Her pupils remained fixed and dilated but the expression on her face changed from that of serenity to that of pain and deep suffering. For the first time she emitted sound, which to me seemed like a moaning or crying sound. ...Gradually, over a period of minutes, her whole body seemed to relax. She straightened her back and started to blink her eyes. She joined both hands and resumed the praying position as I had observed of her originally on coming into the chapel. ...One other observation I feel I am obliged to make is an extraordinary perfume or fragrance that I personally experienced during this phenomenon. To describe it is impossible - it had no resemblance to ordinary fragrance or perfume, but an almost intoxicating, overwhelming odour of flowers, plants, herbs, impossible to formulate in words. ...To conclude this testimony I can only say that it was completely accidental  that I was present to witness these events. I can find no 'natural', 'medical' 'scientific' or 'psychological' explanation for what I witnessed. ...I spent some of my earlier years working in the area of psychology and psychiatric
medicine - I can honestly say that, having met Mrs. Gallagher, that my only true and honest verdict could be that of an 'ordinary' sensible '
down to earth' person of 'sound mind' full of warmth and a natural sense of humour.
"I will finally conclude by stating that I have no difficulty in reiterating what I have just written and stated on paper, and am willing to be interviewed by any authority to give witness and testify to what I experienced directly on Friday, July 16, 1999 at the House of Prayer, Achill Sound, Co. Mayo.
The Irish Family 23 July 1999.

The testimony shows that David Hume cannot be blamed for warning that testimony is not good enough to establish a miracle as true. 

Anyway even the visionaries of Medjugorje never got evidence as good as hers or a glowing testimony like that. The good fruits and the joy at Medjugorje and the healings (not necessarily miraculous - feeling good can do a lot for your health) and the spinning suns are nothing unique. Fraudulent money-mad TV Evangelists in the states are popular for similar reasons. When people give loads of money to the evangelists, does that not prove that they are infinitely impressed by them and their alleged powers? Does their approval carry more weight than the pilgrim's approval of the Medjugorje visionaries who do not money-spin in such a blatant way as the Evangelists do? The Evangelists are followed by those who put their money where their mouth is. Gallagher's claims and her House of Prayer have had effects similar to those of Medugorje.

She was raking in the cash before she offered any proof or evidence of authenticity. What does that tell you?

Michael Neary, Archbishop of Tuam, held a 1996 Commission which investigated the supernatural claims made by Gallagher. The following year he declared, “I find myself obliged to state that no evidence has been presented which might prove beyond reasonable doubt the occurrence of supernatural phenomena of whatever kind in this situation. The House of Prayer has no Church approval and the work does not enjoy the confidence of the diocesan authorities.


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